June 7, 2024
Restoring Oral Health Care for Geriatric Patients Through General Dentistry

Restoring Oral Health Care for Geriatric Patients Through General Dentistry

Are you age 65 years and over and need a specialist for general dentistry in Bellevue? If yes, the EZ Dental Clinic team is ready to provide you with exemplary dentistry services to improve your oral healthcare. At your age, you are at risk of encountering oral health problems. While you might have ensured that you honor your appointments, it is still important to practice good oral care habits to improve your life quality. To understand what type of oral health conditions you might be at risk of, find out what the team has to say.

The Common Oral Healthcare Problems that the Geriatric Age Group May Develop

Stained Teeth

People who drink tea, coffee, and other alcoholic beverages are at higher risk of having stained teeth. Over time, your tooth enamel wears out. The thinning may cause the inner enamel to get exposed. While brushing or going for teeth whitening might restore your teeth’s whiteness, these habits might not benefit you in the long run.

Taste Bud Loss

Have you noticed that the elderly lose their sense of taste at some point in their lives? Advancing in age comes at a cost. If you notice that your taste buds’ functions are slowly diminishing, seeing a general dentist will be a good idea.

Tooth Loss

This type of oral health problem is common in old age. Your gums tend to weaken, and this might cause your tooth or teeth to fall out. Please do not wait until you start experiencing pain or losing all your teeth to get help.

Gum Disease

At some point, brushing might not remove all the food particles in your teeth. These food particles change into plaque. Over time, bacteria can attack your gums and teeth. Gum disease is a serious oral condition that may affect your mouth’s functions. The disease can also develop when you have anemia, diabetes, or mouth cancer.


This type of condition comes as a result of a fungal infection known as Candida albicans. It affects seniors who do not practice good oral care habits. If you notice some whitish substance on your tongue that feels itchy, do not hesitate to see a general dentist.

Why you Might Need a General Dentist

As a geriatric patient, you need specialized care from a dentist due to the following reasons:

Prolonged Exposure to Medications

Older people are more likely to get prescriptions for medications that may lead to side effects. Your dentist understands this fact which is why they will take safety precautions when diagnosing you.

It Would Help if you Had an Empathetic Dentist

A geriatric person needs a person that understands how fragile their bodies are. They have little-to-no cognitive, physical, or sensory abilities; hence, compromising their quality of life. An empathetic dentist can communicate in a language they understand to understand what they are going through.

If you or someone you know needs general dentistry services for the elderly, finding the right professional can do you a lot of good. Once you link up with an expert, ensure that you honor your appointment. That way, they can address any questions or concerns you may be having. To learn more about general dentistry for geriatrics, schedule a consultation today.