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Exercises That Can Help You To Manage A Rotator Cuff Injury

Exercises That Can Help You To Manage A Rotator Cuff Injury

A rotator cuff is a group of muscles, and the tissues that connect the muscles called tendons. These muscles keep the head of the humerus bone inside the shoulder joint and prevent it from dislocation. Rotator cuff injury is a common type of sports injuries that can give you chronic pain if you do not seek treatment early enough.

Rotator cuff injuries also affect people who do overhead motions like when a painter is painting a ceiling or high wall. Your likelihood of getting these injuries increases as you advance in age. The severity of the symptoms varies in different people, and Garen Gajian MD offers personalized treatment based on your presentation. Some people only get mild symptoms that resolve on their own while others require surgery.

How Does A Rotator Cuff Injury Present?

Rotator cuff injury presents with a dull pain on the shoulder. The shoulder pain runs deep in the shoulder. Severe pain disrupts your sleep and limits you from carrying out daily activities. If the injury has affected the nerves in the joint, you may develop numbness in your arm.

The rotator cuff muscles facilitate the movement of your upper limbs. When these muscles get an injury, you are unable to reach your back, lift your arms, or sleep on the injured arm. You should consult a doctor if you have severe pain in your shoulder joint and if your shoulder joint is swollen.

Complications of this type of injury include chronic pain and losing the function of the shoulder permanently. Some people also get permanent weakness of the shoulder joint, and this can affect your productivity at work.

A frozen joint is a problem which happens when you do not use the joint for a long time. A frozen shoulder occurs because the connective tissues in the joint become hard, reducing performance. If you get an injury on your shoulder, you should go for a checkup to rule out a rotator cuff injury.

Shoulder Pain When Lifting: Rotator Cuff Injury Symptoms | Men's Health

What Exercises Should You Do To Manage The Symptoms Of A Rotator Cuff Injury?

When you get a rotator cuff injury, you should use the “RICE” method to manage your symptoms. This method stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Resting your arm helps to reduce further damage to the soft tissues in and around the joint like the nerves.

Applying ice or compresses on the joint reduces the pain while the elevation of the limb reduces any swelling on the joint. When the pain and swelling have reduced, you can do some exercises to reduce the complications of these injuries.

These exercises include the doorway stretch, which involves placing both hands on an open doorway with your hands at the level of the elbow. You should then lean forward while keeping your back straight until you feel a slight stretch on your shoulder.

Another exercise is the reverse fly which you should bend your knees but keep your back straight. With your feet apart you should then extend your arms but don’t do this beyond the height of your shoulders.

Rotator cuff injuries occur during sports, while doing repetitive overhead motions,and in people who are older than 60 years. These injuries cause pain, swelling and weakness of the shoulder and affect a group of muscles called the rotator cuff muscles. To prevent chronic complications of this type of injury, you should consult a doctor when you experience these symptoms.

Integrative And Regenerative Medicine In Florida


LifeWell M.D. offers cutting-edge treatment options for Florida patients in Palm Beach, Port Saint Lucie, and Palm Beach Gardens. Ramesh Kumar, MD, leads a team of highly certified practitioners in offering cutting-edge treatment options for various conditions. If you are in Florida, you can read on to learn more about the practice before your first or subsequent visits.

About the Practice

LifeWell M.D. offers holistic, integrative care, including cutting-edge treatment options like regenerative medicine for various health concerns. The practice is available at three ideal locations in Palm Beach, Port Saint Lucie, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The physicians on-site strive to help you explore available options for alternative care. LifeWell M.D. offers drug-free treatment resolving the natural balance of your body through drug-free treatments in case conventional medicine fails to resolve your health problems.

LifeWell M.D. ensures that all patients have access to a customized treatment plan accounting for individual differences. Conclusive tests are run to determine your eligibility for holistic, traditional, or alternative therapies.

The practice offers medical acupuncture, a vital part of most treatment plans and aesthetic procedures like facial tightening and CoolSculpting®. Comprehensive sexual wellness is also available for all patients visiting the practice from different parts of Florida.

C037_Florida_2880x1047.jpg.image.750.563.low.jpg (750×563)

LifeWell M.D. leads in the provision of relief for patients with chronic pain. The practice uses state of the art equipment and advanced treatment options. PRP injections are administered to boost your immunity, while medical marijuana is prescribed for conditions like chronic pain.

LifeWell M.D. houses a team of qualified practitioners that ensure you have access to a friendly and comfortable environment that lets you improve, recover, and thrive.

Meet Ramesh Kumar, MD

Ramesh Kumar, M.D., the founding physician of LifeWell M.D., strives to give patients exceptional care. He combines holistic and integrative medicine for patients seeking alternative treatment. All treatments are customized to help you achieve medical and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Kumar received a medical degree from the Government Medical College Vijayanagar, India and moved to the U.S. He did an internship in internal medicine and completed his residency in radiation at Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Kumar specialized in caring for cancer patients and later developed an interest in integrative medicine. He realized that treatments like acupuncture offer immediate and long-term results. The board-certified doctor offers unique therapeutic plans.

Dr. Kumar is a member of the International Society of Sexual Medicine, the American Association of Stem Cell Physicians, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, and the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Through his dedication to the use of state-of-the-art treatment options, Dr. Kumar helps patients find lasting relief for chronic pain to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Which Services are offered at LifeWell M.D.?

  •       CoolSculpting shapes your body by freezing excess body fat in a procedure free of pain.
  •       Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) offers unique relief for chronic pain and stimulates healing.
  •       NAD+ is efficient for patients who have a mental illness or chronic pain.
  •       Men’s sexual health treatment handles sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction.
  •       Face tightening helps you get rid of sagging facial skin and improves your facial texture.
  •       Medical marijuana is available for patients battling chronic pain.

To learn more about the practice, practitioners, and services offered, you can call LifeWell M.D. or book an appointment online.

Zodiac Signs Are The Key To Reality!

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Astrology is the ancient study of stars and celestial bodies which is the key to reality. The study has deep knowledge on your personality and the reason behind it. Trusteed teller brings to you the best horoscopes at your fingertips every day. You can easily visit our website at for more details on the horoscopes. It is very easy to get ready for the challenges of the day. Find more about what your zodiac has for today at our site!

All about the Zodiac Signs:

Pisces :

Pisces belongs to those who are born from February 19 to March 20. This zodiac is very conscious about everything it does. Pisces dedicates their life to help the needy and solve problems. They cannot bear to see anyone in pain. At the same time, Pisces is a very delicate soul which can fall in love with the tiniest affection someone showers.

Aquarius :

Aquarius belongs to those who are born from January 20 to February 18. They are born to be original in every aspect in life. Even with the calmest head, Aquarius tends to be hasty and rebellious when they do not get the things they want. At times for their own satisfaction, Aquarius becomes highly disobedient and angry when they have to compromise for something.

Aries :

Aries belongs to the people who are born from March 21 to April 19. They exhibit all the masculine traits of the God Aries from the Greek mythology. It marks the beginning of the Zodiac circle and are born leaders. Even though they have tremendous mood swings and terrible anger management, Aries are very passionate about everything and everyone.


Taurus belongs to those who are born on April 20 to May 20. This bull zodiac is grounded by the element of earth and driven towards the nature. Taurus can be highly stubborn and uncompromising when it comes to sudden changes and complications. They might be highly short tempered and aggressive, but they are very sensitive deep down.

Gemini :

This unpredictable zodiac sign belongs to the people who are born from May 21 to June 20. Gemini is the most unexpected personality as they swing from happy to sad at a snap. They may be the creator of chaos but they will walk out before the fire catches upon them. They can be very creative in everything they do with no boundaries.

Cancer :

People born from June 21 to July 22. This water influenced zodiac can withstand any extremes but give the same to others. They are the keepers of strong bonds and partnerships. Even with their anger issues, they are very sensitive. Their rude nature can lead to many misunderstandings.

Leo Horoscope Today - September 20 | Daily Horoscope - Republic World


This strong personality belongs to people who are born from July 23 to August 22. This zodiac sign is born to be free and fly high. Leos are exceptionally generous and are the light of the party. Leo is the sunshine to any darkness. Leos are born to be leaders and inspirations to others.


The most practical zodiac belongs to the people who are born from August 23 to September 22. They cut off their emotions before engaging important discussions. They prefer easy paths to high goals. Virgos are highly introverts and inexpressive when it comes to their emotions.


Libra seeks absolute balance in life and are born from September 23 to October 22. They balance between everything they do. They will not indulge any feelings when it comes to work. They might be workaholics, but they crave for lazy weekends.

Scorpio :

This fixed zodiac sign belongs to people who are born from October 23 to November 21. Even though they are extremely furious about everything, they are born to be generous and extremely sensitive. They attract people with their friendly attitude and can be the heart of the party if they want.

Sagittarius :

Sagittarius are born from November 22 to December 21. They are the funniest zodiac sign in the zodiac circle. They always choose the honest way even if it hurts others. Sagittarius are born to impact and influence others with their strong personality.

Capricorn :

Capricorns belong to people who are born from December 22 to January 21. They look ahead into the unknown future. They let go of past and focus on everything that drives them to the successful future. Capricorn loves uniqueness and excitement in life.

Red Roof Inn Pensacola – West Florida Hospital

Red Roof Inn

At A Glance:

Earn big savings while making use of princely amenities at the 2-star Red Roof Inn Pensacola-West Florida Hospital. Its location puts you close to local attractions including the University Town Plaza. At the hotel, enjoy a sumptuous breakfast served for free before relaxing in the lobby with a cup of coffee or tea. After a day of exploring the city, stop off for a break in air-conditioned guestrooms complete with refrigerators, complimentary wireless internet access and cable televisions.

Reserve your hotel room at Red Roof Inn Pensacola-West Florida Hospital with

You Should Know:Image result for Red Roof Inn

  • Complimentary breakfast served each morning
  • Complimentary wireless internet access in public areas and in all guestrooms
  • 24-hour front desk offering tour and ticket assistance
  • Safe deposit box available in the front desk area
  • Complimentary onsite parking
  • Coffee and tea in the lobby
  • Air-conditioned guestrooms providing modern kitchen and entertainment facilities

In and Around:

Image result for Red Roof Inn

  • Loll out at the University Town Plaza
  • Visit the University of West Florida
  • Pass by the Pensacola Civic Center
  • Explore the Pensacola Naval Air Station
  • Frolic along Pensacola Beach Gulf Air
  • Have fun along Sam’s Fun City
  • Enjoy an exciting day at Five Flags Speedway

The Hampton Inn Front Royal, VA

At A Glance:

Not your ordinary inn, Hampton Inn Front Royal offers first-class service in an unbeatable location a little over much-admired Skyline Caverns. Guests can enjoy an array of amenities onsite including free Wi-Fi and take advantage of free access to the gym and indoor pool.

Reserve your hotel room at Hampton Inn Front Royal with

You Should Know:

  • Smoke-free hotel with well-equipped rooms and suites in refreshing modern look
  • Free hotel-wide Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary breakfast every morning
  • Upscale leisure amenities such as a well-maintained indoor pool and a fully equipped fitness facility
  • Round-the clock access to the business center
  • Front desk offering
  • 24-hour assistance
  • Audio/visual amenity and other updated amenities in meeting rooms
  • Free parking

Image result for

In and Around:

  • Much-admired Skyline Caverns is 8.3 kilometers away
  •  Around 30 minutes to great entertainment at Wayside Theater
  •  Explore sights around acclaimed Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park
  •   Hotel within 22 kilometers of Belle Grove Plantation
  • Less than an hour to the State Arboretum of Virginia
  • Take advantage of onsite barbecue grills to make your favorite grilled dishes
  • Enjoy plenty of gaming options in the arcade room
  • Use high-end exercise equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes at the nearby gym for free

Every Pet Needs Space: If Your Pet The Space, They Need

Every pet needs space

Try to imagine living it in a house that is not your own. You are constantly worried about the fact that, you might be using something that doesn’t belong to you and that, you might get scolded for it. This is basically how your pet feels if you do not make sure that you’re going to be able to provide them with the space they need to be their own.

A Space That Belongs To Your Pet

Basically, you’re going to want to think about this as one very specific space around the house but you have no useful and that you are simply going to give it away to your pet to have as their own. This is the place where the bed is going to go and, by placing their bed there, they are basically going to be claiming the area.

As you can understand, the bed is going to play a very important role in this equation. Unless you give them something that they are really going to love they are not going to accept it at all. A lot of pet owners are usually creating home-made beds by using old blankets and the truth is that, a lot of pets out there appreciate these beds very much.

Related image

However, we can guarantee that, if you actually spend a little extra to get your pet something a bit more elegant, perhaps an actual pet bed might be a bit fluffier and comfortable, we can guarantee that your pet is going to fall in love with it. And this is what you need to do is a good owner.

Get Them A Comfortable Bed

A good pet owner is not just the person is going to feed them and take them out for a walk. It is the person who is going to take care of them every single step of the way. You need to make sure that your pet is going to have a space that will be completely their own and most importantly, they are going to have nice things. Nice things like for example a good bet.

Websites like going to be able to provide you with a lot of different options regarding the types of beds you can purchase for your pet. Make sure that you’re only going to focus on getting something of the highest quality. Spending a little bit of extra will definitely be worth it.

Hampton Inn & Suites Hartford/Farmington

Hampton Inn & Suites Hartford/Farmington

At A Glance:

Break loose in Farmington and book a room at the modern 2.5-star Hampton Inn & Suites Hartford/Farmington. It lies close to several points of interest like the Hill-Stead Museum. You can revitalize in the indoor pool and work out in the fitness center. Ease off inside soundproofed guestrooms providing coffeemakers, phones and complimentary perks like newspapers and wireless internet access.

Reserve your hotel room at Hampton Inn & Suites Hartford/Farmington with

Entrance & Lobby

You Should Know:

  • Refreshing indoor swimming pool
  • Fitness center complete with free weights and cardio facilities
  • Computer station offering complimentary high-speed wired and wireless internet access
  • Meeting room with access to audiovisual amenities
  • Business center offering fax, copy and print services
  • Complimentary breakfasts served each morning
  • Complimentary onsite parking
  • Complimentary area shuttle service

Pool to Cool

In and Around:

  • Visit the Hill-Stead Museum
  • Enjoy a day of shopping at the Westfarms Mall
  • Tour the Central Connecticut State University
  • Stop by the XL Center
  • Admire beautiful artworks at the New Britain Museum of American Art
  • Relax along Lake Compounce
  • Join elegant events happening at the Connecticut Convention Center
  • Pass by the First Church of Christ

Is Annual Ac Servicing Necessary?

Ac Servicing

We’ll start with the answer – YES, it is necessary to service AC every year irrespective of usage.

An air conditioner is surely top of the list of appliances that make our lives livable. With the flick of a button, your home or office gets comfortable within minutes. The aircon removes humidity, and you feel instantly refreshed. That is the magic of your aircon. Recent advances in technology have made aircon units more sophisticated. They don’t require voltage stabilizers. Many new features are being added rapidly.

Aircons operate in a harsh environment – working for 12-14 hours a day, removing heat constantly while bearing the humidity and dust.

  • Aircons should be serviced at least once annually, or more frequently, depending on the situation.

The importance of aircon servicing

Singapore is a tropical country. Here is the environment your aircon has to bear:

  • Hot temperature, rising as much as 35 degrees Celsius
  • High humidity level throughout the year
  • Regular rainfall
  • Dust, dirt, and debris
  • Salt that corrodes metal
  • 12-14 hours, or more, of everyday use

Needless to say, your aircon works hard to provide you the comfort you desire. This harsh environment affects the efficiency and effectiveness of your aircon.

rg-refrigerator-and-ac-services-pakbara-moradabad-ac-repair-and-services-xp4fsljmuz.jpg (1920×1277)

  • Your aircon loses about 5% efficiency if it is not serviced as per schedule.

Effects of ignoring aircon service

Following is the set of problems that you will face if you ignore the aircon service:

  • Loss of efficiency
  • Decreased and delayed cooling
  • Higher electricity bills
  • Increased wear and tear of aircon components
  • Premature failure of aircon parts, which means a lot of discomfort
  • Expensive repairs
  • Ignoring aircon service may cause the AC to fail prematurely, leading to expensive repair

How will regular service benefit you?

Regular aircon service will take care of its components, and the unit would continue to work at peak efficiency. Aircon components have less wear and tear, which leads to an increase in the life of your aircon.

  • Regular service can prevent premature failure which is extremely expensive

While routine maintenance is something you can learn to do yourself, once-a-year call a professional serviceman to get your aircon in top order. Depending on usage and environmental conditions, you may need to call the serviceman frequently.

Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, and Daikin are the top aircon brands used in Singapore. These aircons are expensive and replacement of parts, too, is costly.

Let’s understand with an example – The Cost of Failure

Description SGD
Average cost of new, branded aircon 2000-4500^
Indicative labor charges for compressor replacement (Daikin) 560-950*
Routine servicing (4 times a year) 25 – 35 per FCU
Deep cleaning and chemical servicing – one-time cost 140-200
Do-it-yourself cleaning of filters, and coils FREE

* Compressor replacement labor cost picked up from

^ Depends on the system 3, system 4 or system 5 aircons

The labor charges alone for the replacement of a failed Daikin aircon compressor is between SGD 560 to SGD 950. Including the compressor unit, labor cost, refrigerant gas charge, you may end up paying over SGD 1500 in case of compressor failure.

  • Imagine paying SGD 1500 or more for getting an aircon compressor fixed. That’s over one-third of the cost of a new aircon.

Similarly, the replacement of failure-prone parts like capacitors, printed circuit board (PCB), fan motor, etc., can run into hundreds of dollars. The inconvenience of having an aircon during repairs is another thing to consider.

  • A failed evaporator coil cannot be changed at your premises. The AC would need to be dismantled, transported to the service shop, repaired, and then again, transportation and installation. Expensive component replacements can go upwards of SGD 2000.

How to prevent these failures?

Basic cleaning of aircon filters, condenser coil, and evaporator coil are easy. You can do it yourself under an hour, after some practice.

split-ac-repair-500x500.jpg (500×500)

Professional service personnel has a keen eye for detecting failing parts. A warning sign, if detected, can be fixed early for significantly less amount of money. There are many providers of aircon service in Singapore. Contact them and have your appointment fixed.

Routine aircon service and maintenance are substantially cheaper than the replacement of failed parts. Even repairs are extremely expensive.


Annual aircon service is mandatory for efficient operation. Depending on circumstances, you may need to get your aircon serviced up to 4-5 times a year. Coil cleaning is a simple process and can be done by oneself without a need for expertise. Aircon damage and repairs are astronomically expensive than routine service. The longevity of the unit and power consumption reduces for a well-maintained aircon. You may recoup the money spent on service in electricity savings alone. For coil cleaning annually in Singapore, you can engage MCL Airconditioning at for good quality work with affordable price. MCL is reliable aircon servicing company in Singapore.

Bring Live Casino Gaming with


If, for you personally, the worst part about likely to online casinos is departing your sorrows are gone. With online casinos you are able to bring the thrill of live casinos home along with you! Online casino software emulates real casino games very well that you might even forget that you’re in your house and never in Vegas! Online casinos have all the features living casinos have to give you, so next time the urge strikes you to definitely mind to Caesar’s Palace all you need to do is turn on your pc. All we should know about vegus24hr สมัคร, to understand the system about i99pro.

An online casino isn’t so not the same as an active casino. Whenever you play online you can buy all your favorite gambling games. Online casinos offer almost any casino game you are able to consider including, although not restricted to, slots, electronic poker, regular poker, blackjack, baccarat, keno, roulette, craps as well as bingo! The games are performed through the same rules as with live casinos and online gambling software programs are even made to look much like real casino games! Some Internet casino websites even offer software that you possess a character that has to walk around a 3-dimensional casino space along with other players and select your games.

It’s the belief of numerous gambling enthusiasts that online casino games aren’t as exciting just as real live casinos because whenever you play online you’re sitting on your own at the computer and there’s no interaction along with other players. This isn’t the situation whatsoever! Actually, most Internet casino sites encourage interaction between players, particularly in multi-player games like blackjack, craps and poker.

There’s also tournaments by which players compete against one another of any type of casino games, including slots. Online casino tournaments could be a fantastic social experience! Whenever you play in online casino tournaments you have to pay an entry fee. With this fee you have a predetermined quantity of chips. Each player receives exactly the same quantity of chips and it has a particular in time that they may play slots machines or poker or roulette or whichever game is per the tournament. In the finish from the allotted time the gamer that has probably the most chips may be the champion. The prize pot consists of player entry charges and could be quite large with respect to the quantity of players. Furthermore, interaction is inspired throughout the tournament through chat software and may make online tournaments an incredible social experience.

As you can tell, gambling online could be just like exciting and fun as playing in live casinos. The best part is it’s not necessary to book an airplane ticket or perhaps leave enhanced comfort of your home!! All you need to do is select a casino online and begin playing and you’ll not be sad about departing the casino again!

How To Improve Your Sports Betting Skills

Sports Betting

Sports betting is not always fun. When it comes to losing, you will end up devastated. Make sure that you are focusing on every single detail that will help you improve your sports betting. If you are not paying close attention to the details that matter the most, then you won’t be able to get the desired outcome. It is always necessary for you to go through the details that will allow you to get the desired outcome. Finding the best way to do sports betting can be a difficult task.

However, if you are not sure how you can manage things in the right way, then you won’t be able to get the desired outcome. We will be discussing a few important things that you will have to focus on so you can come up with a great solution. Let’s have a look at how you can manage things in the right way.

3-1.jpg (493×336)

Develop an analytical approach

First of all, you should develop an analytical approach. If you are not developing an analytical approach, then you won’t be able to learn new and improved betting strategies. It is always necessary for you to do analyses of the data properly so you can improve things for yourself. If you are doing proper analysis, then you will be able to make things easier and better for yourself. You should focus on winner99 to get a better idea of how you can manage things in the perfect way. It is the right way to proceed so you can avoid all the problems later on.

Find mentors and tipsters

The next thing that you will have to do is to find mentors and tipsters. It is always necessary for you to focus on the things that will allow you to get the desired outcome. Make sure that you are searching for the best mentors that will help you manage things in the right way. If you are getting help from the mentors, then you will be able to improve things for yourself. It is always necessary for you to get help from your mentors.

iGaming.jpg (659×380)

Understand risk

When you are doing sports betting, you should understand the overall risk. If you are not understanding the risk, then you are making a huge mistake. It is always necessary for you to know the risk involved in sports betting and you will have to use your strategies in an efficient way.