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Perks Of Installing Shade Sails Carport

Perks Of Installing Shade Sails Carport

Meticulously, shade sails carport are a practical addition to any commercial or residential place. Numerous benefits associated with shade sails are both surprising and varied.

This article will learn the top advantages of installing shade sails at your place.

Protect Your Property

Undoubtedly, everyone knows how dangerous the sun’s rays can be to humans, but no one notices that it can also damage your possessions. Although, the UV rays from the direct sunlight will weaken and fade the carpets, furniture, and other items in the house quickly. However, the same matter is with the cars that are parked outside.

Shade sails can be great for blocking the sun rays entering your windows or directly striking your car. However, you can also protect your vehicle from the rain by installing waterproof shade cloth for your sails. Also, it will help you save costs on building a proper garage for your property.

Reduces Your Power Cost

Besides providing safety during the scorching summer days, they also help in lowering the power expenses. Moreover, you do not need to continuously use the air conditioning after installing the shade sails as it helps to harbour your business or home.

For saving the electricity bills in the long run, shade sails are the best choice.

Improve the Value of Your Home

One of the fastest and the most cost-effective ways to change the look and feel of your home is by installing shade sails. However, they add more value to your home than you can expect from a modest acquisition.

Simultaneously, these shades make your business or home look better and comfortable and feel cooler. Also, they stimulate the rating of your energy efficiency.

Keep Secure and Cool

By keeping the temperature moderate and securing you from dangerous UV rays, the residential shade sails give shelter to your home. However, now it becomes an essential thing to install a shade in your company or home during the scorching summer months.

Moreover, you will get a relaxed environment inside the house by having one of the shade sails installed in your home.

Add Aesthetic Value to Your Home or Business

Shade sails are a great way to improve the look of your home or business. They come in various colours and styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Shade sails can also be customized to fit any shape or size.

Adding a shade sail to your property is a great way to improve the aesthetics while providing much-needed shade. Shade sails are perfect for decks, patios, playgrounds, and more. They are also a great way to protect your property from the sun’s harmful rays.


Shade sails are a great way to provide privacy and shelter from the sun. They are perfect for homes, schools, businesses, and other outdoor areas. Shade sails can be installed in any shape or size and can be made from a variety of materials, including canvas, vinyl, and acrylic. Shade sails are a great investment for anyone who wants to create a private outdoor space.

Custom Designs According to Your Needs

There are several reasons to choose shade sails for your next outdoor project. Sails can be designed in various shapes, colours, and sizes to fit your specific needs. They’re also made of durable, weather-resistant materials that will last for years.

Most importantly, shade sails provide much-needed relief from the sun’s harmful UV rays. With a properly installed sail, you can enjoy a cool, shaded area outdoors without worrying about the sun’s heat.


Shade sails are a great way to provide shade and shelter from the sun. They are perfect for decks, patios, gardens, and other outdoor areas. Shade sails come in different shapes, colours, and sizes to suit any need.

One of the best features of shade sails is their ventilation. Unlike other types of shade, such as umbrellas or awnings, shade sails allow air to flow through them. This keeps the area underneath cool and comfortable. Shade sails carports are also waterproof and UV-resistant to last for years.

How Apartment Living Improves Your Wellbeing

How Apartment Living Improves Your Wellbeing

An apartment is a great place to live, and it can improve your well-being. Many people like the idea of having their own home, but not everyone can afford to buy one. You can enjoy many benefits of living in a house by renting an apartment; they are also more affordable than houses. Apartment living has several advantages such as:


Having your apartment means you have plenty of space all to yourself because other people do not share it. The rent does not change depending on how much space you need, so you don’t have to pay for wasted space. This means that it’s easier for students to afford an apartment instead of sharing it with many people to get rent costs. If money is tight, you can save up and buy a house when the time is right.

Many people live with their parents until they are ready to leave them and be on their own. If your parents disapprove of you living alone or sharing an apartment, then it might mean that you will need to stay at home for longer than would otherwise be necessary.

However, renting an apartment gives flexibility as there is no permanency involved; if children want to move out and rent, they can easily do so without worrying about selling a property or becoming saddled with negative equity.


When you rent your apartment, you limit the number of people who share it with you to just one. This means you don’t have to worry about having awkward conversations in the hallway or living near anyone noisy or unruly. Living close to work means that the journey takes less time, reducing stress levels because there is less travel time where noise can easily penetrate your home environment.

It might be difficult for students to live close to college, but they will save money on transport costs which allows them more entertainment spending without borrowing so much money.

Renting Prices

Renting an apartment is generally cheaper than buying a house or sharing with strangers to save up for a deposit. You also save yourself all of the trouble of having to sell a house when you no longer need it.

More Time For Yourself

When you live with many people in one home, there is more pressure on you from your roommates and parents to do things for them rather than just doing what you want. This reduces your free time if they always want you to watch their pets or fix appliances that break down.

Renting an apartment means that nobody lives with you, so the only person you have to worry about impressing is yourself.


One of the selling points for living in an apartment instead of sharing accommodation is that your home stays clutter-free because no other people contribute their belongings. As well as saving money and time, you can also save on rent costs because an apartment is generally cheaper than a house.

Pets and Loved Ones

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Having pets and loved ones living with you in your home can be difficult if they are not allowed in the rental agreement. Finding out hq apartments that allow you to have your pets and your loved ones to visit you should be easy


You can create a community feeling by choosing where to live and who with whom. If your new place does not have good transport links, it might mean that fewer people use public transport, which is not as good for the environment and makes it harder to meet new people.

A community spirit can also help you make friends and feel more at home when you go to college or move out of your parent’s house. If you live in a shared home with strangers, it will be difficult for you to ever break out of your shell and contact most people who choose this type of a living arrangement instead of renting an apartment where they can experience life on their terms.

Less Pressure

There is less pressure on those who want to rent an apartment because they don’t have to pay mortgages or deal with bad credit; all this means that investors cannot oust them from their homes if they do not repay loans and nobody has any claims to the property. If you want to rent instead of buy, it’s easy once you have found your dream home and signed paperwork because no financial implications or lasting legacies are tying you down.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why renting an apartment is better than living in other types of accommodation. You can save money, spend more time alone doing what you want and reduce your environmental impact on the world. It’s easier to live with pets and less stressful because strangers cannot complain about noise levels or ask for additional rent payments.

The community feel is better when it’s created by like-minded people instead of by chance; you might not be able to get a mortgage, but you can rent an apartment near me that will suit all of your needs.

Popularity of Remodeling Home Kitchens Increasingly Day To Day

Popularity of Remodeling Home Kitchens Increasingly Day To Day

Nowadays there are lots of people who are awed to contemporary and stylish living. These people want to ensure that the style of the home will reflect the type of lifestyle they live. In addition having a pleasant interior design can enable people to live more comfortably and be happier within their homes. One of the advantages is the fact that altering the style of your home is achievable simply by transforming the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is a project, which allows you to transform your kitchen’s appearance to a modern look that meets the requirements of your customers. The homeowner is able to say goodbye to their old style kitchen that they have been carrying for a long period of time.

However, kitchen renovation is not going to be an easy task. The project will require a lot of design and construction. This is because the kitchen remodel would begin with the floor of your kitchen to even the kind of appliances to make the perfect look for your kitchen. In this regard, it is essential that assistance of a professional contractor be sought. The benefit of hiring a kitchen remodeling contractors in Oakland are that they are skilled in completing the tasks required by each client to complete. This means that each plumbing fixture is renovated without damaging the pipes. They are well versed in the correct teardown of kitchen appliances and also getting them back to their original.

Offering Some Suggestions to Consumers

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In addition to knowing the best ways to remodel, they can also offer the customers some suggestions on how to get the project completed. For instance, they might suggest some fixtures or designs that will match the theme that clients require. This means that they are not just trustworthy in the construction process but also in deciding on the appropriate design option for the customer. In terms of cost, you could pay a few hundred dollars to complete this project. Because you’ll have to spend on the materials and also the services however you should look for the best firm to assist you with the remodeling of your kitchen.

Renovating your kitchen is extremely rewarding if you’ve been diligent at your work. This way you will be able to feel confident that you have the most modern kitchen design that is suited to your tastes and your budget.

Understanding the Importance of Project Management

At an early stage is essential to make things go smoothly and ensuring the best possible outcome from your kitchen renovation. The concept of “proper” must be considered. This allows you and your team of contractors or other professional in the field of home improvement that who you work with to finish the project efficiently and in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner. In addition to time and money, other resources are utilized in the same way. Small or big issues are also dealt with in a way that is efficient without causing a delay or consuming the budget.

5 Ways To Conserve Water

5 Ways To Conserve Water

Water is the most essential element on earth. We need it to survive, that’s why every drop should count. 97% of the world’s water are bodies of seas and oceans, too salty for human consumption or growing crops. 2.5% of the earth’s freshwater is locked up in ice caps and glaciers or is buried too deep under the earth’s surface to be extracted. Water conservation can go a long way and will help prevent shortages and droughts in the future. Here are five ways you can do at home to minimize your water consumption:

1. Take Shorter Baths

Taking shorter trips to the shower not only saves water, but also gives you more free time to do other things during the day. Minimize your time in the bathroom to 15 minutes a day and this will help you conserve water, time and energy.

2. Put A Plastic Bottles or A Float Booster In Your Toilet Tank

Here’s a life hack: fill liquid in a 1 liter plastic bottle and put it inside your toilet tank. It occupies most of the space in your toilet tank while at the same time using less water to fill up the tank. It gives you less flush counts in a year thus using less water and saving money.

3. Manage Your Laundry Efficiently

Instead of taking 2-3 trips of doing laundry in a week, try managing your clothes and piling them until you reach the weight limit of your washing machine. This way, it also saves you from consuming too much laundry detergent too.

4. Turn Off The Taps

Make a conscious effort to keep your faucets from running mindlessly. Turn it off everytime you don’t need to use it. When brushing our teeth, there’s a period where we don’t really need water yet so it’s best to turn it off in the meantime and just turn it back on when you need to rinse your mouth. The same goes when we wash our hands or when we wash the dishes, only turn it when you already need to use it.

5. Fix Leaky Faucets, Appliances, and Sprinklers Immediately

Water leakage doesn’t look like it’s taking a financial hit most of the time because sometimes, it only looks like it’s just a drop of water every now and then, but in the long run, it could really be one of your biggest expenses. It’s important to check your house for water leakages every month and it’s best to have it checked by a professional. Have a plumber check and see what needs to be replaced so you can switch to eco friendly alternatives. Contact your local plumbing companies to save time and energy.

6. Have Your Plumber Do An Audit

You can ask a plumber to  do a thorough check of your water usage at home. He or she can check for any water leaks, drips and  other water wastage inside your walls with a device that helps them look for cold spots. They can also guide your home to be more water-efficient and lead you to better water-efficient appliances for your home.

Your Small Actions Make A Difference

Being mindful and conscious of our actions will always guide us to better things in life. The small actions that we do now, will yield a greater change in the future. When it comes to maintaining our homes, it’s always best to look for a professional and get proper solutions so we can save time, energy and money. Our natural resources are only limited. Making a conscious effort to help preserve and conserve our waters will benefit and encourage the next generation of humans to take care of our planet.

5 Smart Home Maintenance Tips to Save Your Time and Money

5 Smart Home Maintenance Tips to Save Your Time and Money

There is nothing in the world that does not has its expiry date. The lovely and expensive home also has its expiration date. But we can slow down this expiration process by taking care of our home. Here come our home maintenance tactics. Everyone wants to keep the things and their home in an intact position. Keeping everything in its original form can give you peace of mind and a good working environment. That is why many people focus on the monthly maintenance of their house. Your home maintenance can reduce the handsome repair cost and can increase the value of your house. Everything in your home has a limited lifespan. The good news is that you can increase the lifespan by taking care of things regularly. Treat the problem in its early stages, and you can cut down the hefty amount of maintenance. Below we are jotting down the five tips that can save your time. These tips can also limit the huge repairing cost.

1.Regular inspection

Keeping your ceiling updated is a profitable investment. I always prefer to find suspended ceilings near me that possess the best quality and lifespan. You cannot opt for a low-quality product that demands change every year. Make sure you inspect your ceiling, roof, walls, and other things every other day. When you do regular checkups, you will find the problem at its early stages. You can prolong the lifespan of your ceiling, roofs, and walls by routine repairs and checkups. Make sure you treat the problem right from the start and administer the repairs right away. Delaying the repair process can have drastic impacts on your house and can increase the cost.

2.Clean your furnaces

Yearly cleaning and regular changing of filters can be a blessing for you and your home. Changing the filters will enhance the performance and the life of the equipment. Make sure you pay attention to your heating and cooling systems. It is advisable to do a detailed checkup of the heating and cooling system weeks before you need to use them. This way, you will get the desired outcome whenever you need them on the first day of use. Clean the equipment before usage so that you can limit the emergency visits to the experts.

3.Polish doors

Know that the exterior of your home holds significant value. That is why it is essential to polish your front door once a year. If your front door is wooden, polish it, and if it is not then, paint it for a refined look.

4.Water leaks

The water leaks can put a spot on the overall appearance of your house. You need to check for toiler and water leaks regularly. If you sense any problem, it is better to stop it right away.

5.Window and doors

When the tracks of windows and doors get dirty, they usually become difficult to slide. Clean your doors and windows at least once every week to reduce the amount of dirt. You do not need an expert for the cleaning. You can DIY it by watching its tutorial on the internet.

6 DIY Woodworking Projects for Beginners

6 DIY Woodworking Projects for Beginners

There is something more satisfying about creating things out of nothing. You may create functional pieces and add a flare to them, feeling proud and satisfied all the time you set your eyes on projects. Plus, it is an excellent way to stick to a budget when giving beautiful gifts and decorating your home.

In the end, the cost of tools and lumbar is less than the price of purchasing a new piece, which can be easy to make at home. Woodworking is intimidating, though you don’t need to start big with something. You can start small with the following DIY woodworking projects before you work your way up:

Shoe Organizer

Store shoes up off the floor in natural and clean wood racks. This storage system might deal with everything from summer sandals to winter boots, satta with no scuff marks on the wall.

You can as well make one shoe organizer to share or one for every family.

Stair Handrail

At one point, when you feel a little more confident in your skills, you might begin doing small house improvement projects.

For instance, you may require a new stair handrail. If you do, you can use X-Carve to come up with something practical and simple out of pipes as well as wood materials.

Nesting Trays

These trays are so simple to make that every beginner might try their hands on them. You may flaunt your handmade piece by serving drinks and snacks on it to your visitors.

When making nested trays, you can make use of simple template-routed handles and rabbeted corner joints.

Exhibit Art

Purchasing frames for artwork might really add up. Creating your frames from a $6 pine board can be an inexpensive and great alternative.

Convenient wood joiners and glue usually accompany wooden frames, and its tutorial encompasses instructions for DIYers without or with a miter saw.

Cup Holder in Sofa Sleeve

If your home doesn’t have a fancy sofa with a built-in cup holder, rest easy knowing that you don’t need to worry about spilling coffee or tea.

DIY cup holder can rest securely on the sleeve of your sofa, enabling you to safely free your hands or set your cup down to reach for a TV remote or read your favorite book.

Raised Garden Bed

Your garden can also have a moment, all thanks to a raised garden bed. To teach your kids about harvesting and growing seeds/plants, you can start by making a wooden planter box or raised garden bed, which they can be responsible for.

You never know, your picky eater can try that zucchini or eggplant if it comes out of the special garden box.

In a Nutshell!

Simple woodworking projects are a perfect way to examine your DIY skills. It won’t matter whether you are new when it comes to woodworking. With some of the above DIY project ideas, you can be able to start making something out of nothing.

With an easy project, you will have a feeling of gratification and accomplishment that allows you to handle more complex tasks.

The Top Benefits of New AC Installation

The Top Benefits of New AC Installation

Every home needs an efficient air conditioner to cool the indoors during the hot summer months. Lack of air conditioning leaves your family exposed to heat-related illness. Air conditioners also play an important role in maintaining good air quality inside your home. It filters the air that enters your home, giving you and your family clean and healthy air to breathe every day.

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 15 to 20 years. If your unit is nearing that age, it might not work as efficiently as before. Getting a new air conditioner installed in your home will let you enjoy these great benefits:

Long Term Savings

Sure, buying a new air conditioner can cost you money. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a new AC installation is $5,636. But that is only a one-time expense that can be offset by long-term savings. The United States Department of Energy claims that you can save 20 percent to 40 percent on total energy costs if you replace your old conditioner with a newer, high efficiency model.

Increased Home Value

One of the top benefits of upgrading your AC system is added home value. If you are planning to sell in the future, a high efficiency system can be your home’s potential selling point. HVAC repair or replacement cost is among the major considerations when buying a house. If your air conditioner is old or broken, make sure to replace it before putting your property on the market. According to Money magazine, installing a new central air conditioning system will increase your property value by as much as 10 percent.

Quality Cooling Results

Is your air conditioner blowing warm air instead of cool air? That is a sign that your AC is at risk of breaking down. Avoid dangerous AC breakdowns during the hottest days of the year by getting a new AC installation.

Upgrading to a higher SEER AC unit will improve your home’s cooling efficiency. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio—the higher the SEER, the higher your air conditioning efficiency.

Quiet Operation

Old air conditioners usually create loud noises, disturbing your sleep at night. This can be due to loose parts, a malfunctioning compressor, or refrigerant leaks. While some of these issues can be easily corrected, there is no guarantee that they will not come back. Instead of paying for the constant unit or component repairs, why not invest in a new air conditioner? Today’s AC models operate more smoothly and quieter than traditional units.

Ask for Help from Your Local HVAC Company

Before going out in the market to buy a new air conditioner, it would be best to talk to a licensed and skilled professional first. Your local HVAC contractor can refer you to well-known manufacturers and get you the best deal. They can also ensure the proper installation of your new unit, which is required to validate the warranty. What are you waiting for? Get your residential AC unit installed by the pros today!

What Is Anti-Slip Floor Paint and How It Works?

What Is Anti-Slip Floor Paint and How It Works?

Anti-slip floor paint is a great useful product used on interiors and exteriors floorings. It can be used on many surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete and asphalt. Preventing slips, trips and falls in both public and home is important. Places such as the workplace, hospitals, schools and other similar environment are vital to ensure the kids, adults or old age people does not trip and fall and cause the inevitable.

The legal rule also requires the floors to ensure that the grip on the floor is important for the people to walk safely in both wet and dry conditions. This can be achieved by using anti-slip paints. These specialist products are suitable for no-skid surfaces in the commercial, industrial and public-facing environment. It helps in meeting the health and safety requirement surfaces such as stairs, ramps and walkways, making it safe for vehicles, pedestrians and workers to pass by. Antislip floor paints are cost-effective solutions to be used on any surfaces. It is easy to use and quick to dry even at room temperature, which is close 30 minutes.

Other features of anti-slip paints for exterior and interior floor are –

  • It has excellent water repellence
  • It is resistant to acids, alkaline and corrosive chemicals
  • It is resistant to ultraviolet radiations
  • Ant-slip coating is available in a wide range of colours and can be used according to the theme of the place conveniently.
  • It is easy to apply the anti-slip paint by using a roller and conventional spray techniques.
  • It is quick & convenient method of ensuring the safety of the people walking on the floor
  • It can be applied to the concrete and metal surfaces.
  • It ensures to provide superior performance
  • During repair and maintenance, it is easy to repair the damages, if any, and rectification is the simple process
  • It is a zero maintenance surface painting idea
  • It also saves the higher number of manpower and time needed to apply and reapply
  • Anti-slip paints can be applied on any surfaces – industrial, residential and commercial surfaces
  • It can also use be used in the car parking areas, sports grounds and hospitals
  • It is also used effectively as floor markings.
  • It protects the floor
  • and protect it from the scratches and damages as well.
  • Both the anti-slip paint and anti-slip coating helps to enhance the floor appearance are available in a wide array of colours that suits everyone need.
  • Anti-slip paint is highly durable and last longer than other paints as it is slip-resistant particles and tough coating.
  • It is non-flammable, odourless and solvent-free. The anti-slip paint and coatings are safe for everyone to use and does not affect the environment.

Anti-Slip Floor

Thee anti-slip paints help in achieving the heavily textured finish with a hard-wearing aluminium oxide anti-slip aggregate. The aggregate is dispersed when the paint is applied for maximum grip and avoid any fall. It can withstand the busy workrooms and high-traffic environments effectively and is strong to withstand the industrial equipment and machines, forklift trucks and other abrasive chemicals. For residential purposes, it is used at the car parks, walkways and cycle paths.

Check the Promain Paints for the best quality anti-slip paints and coating at the most competitive price. Contact us today for more details.

Why Plaster Is Important For Your House?

Why Plaster Is Important For Your House?

A material known as the plaster was the move to construction option for covering walls and ceilings in buildings, it offered homebuilders the way to make the lovely interior design as well as durable outdoor walls. Plaster use fell for several decades, with the invention of drywall. To make your home look good and set the right mood for every occasion, plastering your home is the most important thing to do. It also adds value to your home. You can contact DFN Plaster products for plastering services in Melbourne. Let us now know about the importance of plaster in your house.


Various old homes still have the original plaster and it will still be in fantastic condition without any special maintenance being required. Drywall can easily crumble and get holes if drywall is hit by furniture or a hammer too hard. It also succumbs to water and fire damage. It does not have as many problems with water damage and it is fire resistant. Plaster can be damaged with small stress cracks over time, but this is typically due to improper installation and can be avoided by having a professional instal the plaster in the first place. The durability of plaster makes it ideal for public use buildings that need to be in place for decades or even centuries, such as libraries, government buildings or university buildings


Drywall is a flat surface to cover a wall frame with it, it allows you to paint or apply wallpaper, sure but there’s nothing else about it that is remarkable. To create unique architectural details, you will need to build them atop the drywall with other construction materials. But on other hand, plaster is a pliable material that can be moulded into many shapes and designs. Plasters should be done by professional with an experience like craftsmen than construction workers, carefully creating beautiful details and styles that can match many different aesthetics. Plasters can also be used for contemporary remodels. Plaster should be applied wet, so it is much easier to get into small spaces and uniquely shaped spaces as well.

Cleanliness and speed of installation:

Really, plaster is so clean when it is being installed. Because of the material leaves fine dust all over that can settle and be hard to clean up as drywall must be cut to fit in the unique shape of any space. As already mentioned above plaster is applied wet over a wall called blue board and then dries to space where it is applied, that means there is no dust and no mess.


Plaster is extremely versatile so it is the perfect material for remodels. It may be used to match the texture and appearance of other materials including drywall. Plaster is the perfect material for creating the perfect finish from fireplaces to decorative vents, ceiling tiles to archways. It also allows the owner of the home to get a custom look for any detail inside and many details outside as well.

Diy: 10 Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Seem Bigger

Diy: 10 Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Seem Bigger

Living in a metropolitan city sure has its perks, but having large bedrooms might not be one of them. We are habituated to having small and compact bedrooms; but it doesn’t mean it has to look and feel small. There are a few do-it-yourself hacks that you can do to make the bedroom seem bigger than what it is.

So if you have a small bedroom which you want to redecorate, here are a few tricks that will help you –

Efficient and functional layout

Draw out an efficient layout for your bedroom design before you go about redecorating. Opt for multifunctional furniture and spaces; also position the bed in the way that there is ample space to move around.

Go for light coloured walls

Paint your walls in lighter hues. Soft shades have a tendency to reflect light, so it will definitely make your bedroom design look bigger and more spacious. Steer clear of darker shades, as they are light-absorbent and make the room look smaller and more compact.

Opt for neutral flooring

Materials for tiles such as porcelain or marble in a neutral colour palette can make all the difference for smaller bedroom interior designs. Muted flooring can make the bedroom look bright. Avoid carpet tiles and laminated wood as they look bulkier.

Smart storage

Having built-in storage furniture such as box beds, headboards with shelves, window seats with storage, and the like can maximize bedroom interior designs and help them look bigger. These furniture pieces occupy lesser floor space.

Ceiling-to-floor curtains

If you want to make the bedroom look taller, then go for ceiling-to-floor curtains. Don’t use heavy drapes, and instead use materials such as cotton and linen. Choose sleek curtains and avoid getting the bulky ones.

Install mirrors

Introducing mirrors into your bedroom space is a smart decision if you wish to make it seem bigger. This is because mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of space. Place the mirror opposite a light source or the window strategically for maximum benefit.

Minimalistic bedding

Don’t go for bold colours and heavy material for your bedspread and pillows. It can make the bedroom feel smaller. Instead be minimal and simple, and use light coloured fabrics that are in sync with the colour palette of the bedroom.

Put up floating shelves

You can save a whole lot of floor space if you install floating shelves. Go vertical and put up open shelves for your books and show pieces, and make sure you paint these shelves the same colour as your bedroom wall.

Keep it organized

This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you have a small bedroom space, you must de-clutter and keep the space organized. Remove extra stuff and furniture and regularly organize the wardrobes to help the room look bigger and neat.

Minimize contrast

If you use too many colours in the bedroom design, it is going to look smaller and overcrowded. Go for a single colour scheme, and make use of different shades of the same colours. They will make the bedroom colour theme even and make the space look more open.

So here are some things you can do to make the bedroom look bigger, and also most out of the space that is available. You can do these things easily yourself without much professional assistance. Have fun redecorating!