February 29, 2024
Reliable Eye Urgent Care Services In New York

Reliable Eye Urgent Care Services In New York

Professional eye urgent care in Hell’s Kitchen continues to evolve thanks to Russel Micah Levine, MD. If you experience an eye complication when playing a sport, interacting with chemicals or any other reason, book an eye urgent care immediately with the specialist to safeguard your vision. New and existing patients are welcome at the offices to receive the best that eye urgent care can offer.

What is Eye Urgent Care?

Eye urgent care is a subdivision of ophthalmology that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of eye-related emergencies. Whenever you experience swelling, red eye, pain in the eyes, or blurred vision, it would be imperative to seek urgent care promptly.

In most cases, your punctuality in meeting a professional eye specialist, Dr. Levine, could be the solution to saving your precious eyesight. Dr. Levine has all it takes to examine your problem and design an effective treatment at his office.

When Should I Make An Urgent Care Appointment?

You may experience eye emergencies for numerous reasons. It would be best to schedule an appointment with Dr. Levine for any of the symptoms below:

  •   Eye pain
  •   Decreased vision
  •   Stinging or burning eyes
  •   Loss of vision
  •   Light sensitivity
  •   Loss of vision
  •   Difficulty moving one or both eyes.
  •   Severe itching in the eye

Also, a severe headache may indicate eye problems. If your eyes are bloody or you witness discharge from one eye or both, booking an appointment with an ophthalmologist should be on your to-do list.

How Should I React To An Eye-Related Emergency?

Should you experience an eye emergency, it would be wise to stay put and act swiftly. Albeit tempting, avoid rubbing, using medications and ointments, or putting pressure on them. If  chemical splashes in the eye, generously splash your eyes with water while reaching out to an eye specialist for an urgent visit.

Without further delay, contact Dr. Levine’s office. When speaking to Dr. Levine and the team, reveal the details about your injury or eye problem. Also, take time to explain your symptoms for better diagnosis and treatment. You can find same-day urgent care eye appointments at Dr. Levine’s.

Prevention Measures For Eye Urgent Care

Accidents and injuries are prone to happen. Although it is impossible to avoid these conditions altogether, there are various steps you may apply to protect your vision. If you are a sportsperson, if you use power tools, or your job entails harmful chemicals, your specialist recommends wearing protective eyewear.

Additionally, remember to stick to instructions when dealing with chemical solutions and cleaning products. Caution when cooking with grease or oil is also among the possible prevention measures your eye deserves. If you implement these recommendations at home, your risk of contracting an eye-related emergency can be lowered considerably.

Bottom Line

Should you or a loved one require urgent eye care, waste no time. Schedule an ophthalmology urgent care appointment with Eyes of New York. With its friendly staff, the practice has all it takes to alleviate your eye complications in their state-of-the-art offices. Call today or book an online appointment to enjoy quality services.