June 16, 2024
Progressive Spine Medication for Athletes

Progressive Spine Medication for Athletes

Are you an athlete who has suffered from injuries to the spinal cord and desperate to get  back to the game? Progressive Spine and Sports medication might be an option as Dr. Kevin McElroy, an expert in this field, can advise you on the different approaches regarding your condition. Most injuries to the spinal cord may need the use of advanced nonsurgical techniques and, on rare occasions, require the use of surgery. A good medical doctor can set you on the right path after a spinal injury through regenerative and traditional medical treatments.

Use of Botox in Treatment of Spinal Pain

Medical Botox painkillers are presynaptic neuromuscular blockers that suppress the secretion of acetylcholine at motor nerve endings. Botox helps in suppressing pain on the spinal cord which has many nerve endings that promotes involuntary muscle activities. Botox, therefore, controls proportional skeletal muscles when injected into the muscles, and causes a calming and pain-relieving effect.

Epidural Injections in Pain Management

With proper imaging, epidural injections can be used in the management of various back-pain issues, and it is a noninvasive approach to spinal pain management. Epidural injections contain corticosteroids and aesthetically numbing agents that are injected on the epidural part of the spinal cord. The epidural region is between the bony vertebra and the protective dural sac, which is surrounded by the spinal nerve ends.

Corticosteroids, which are components of the epidural injections, reduce inflammation on the spinal cord, and relieve pain from this area. They flush the proteins that cause swelling on the spinal nerve endings. The pain relief can last for varying times from several days to a few years, allowing your spine to heal with a combination of other physical therapy and exercise programs.

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Acupuncture in Treatment of Spinal Pain

Acupuncture in spine treatment involves inserting needles into the skin along the spinal cord at specific points and to a certain depth to relieve pain. Although there is little scientific research on acupuncture, most people who have undergone the procedure say that the treatment helped them with pain relief.

It is believed that the needles are placed under the skin following the guidelines of traditional Chinese medicine that harmonize extreme imbalances of forces of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ in the body. Neuroscience explains that the points that the needles are placed on the body either contain nerve endings, muscles, or connective tissues.

Stimulation of these delicate body tissues results in increased blood flow, and some needles may trigger the body’s naturally occurring painkillers that work on the spinal pain. Some studies indicate that acupuncture can produce the same results, such as that of traditional painkillers.

Acupuncture is the noninvasive treatment that, when administered correctly, can be safe for your health. There are few side effects and thus may be the best non-traditional treatment option for you as an athlete. It is effective if combined with other treatment options such as recreational therapy, and may help you if some pain management medications do not work for you.


Spinal pain can slow you down if you are into sports. However, pain medications may help improve your condition. As an athlete, you should be careful with the medications you use to avoid banned substances. You may use Botox and epidural injections that relieve pain and help you heal naturally when combined with recreational exercises and therapy. Non-traditional treatments for athletes such as acupuncture may help also heal spine pain through stimulation of nerves and an increase in blood flow.