June 16, 2024
Orthodontic Appliances to Help Straighten Your Misaligned Teeth

Orthodontic Appliances to Help Straighten Your Misaligned Teeth

Tooth extraction is not the only solution to solve your crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth. Before extraction, your dentist will suggest other orthodontic treatments to address your teeth’ position and how they should appear after the process. Yon Lai, an orthodontist in Flushing, NY, also notes that besides enhancing your smile, orthodontic treatment might also ensure long-term oral health by giving you an even bite.

What Are the Orthodontic Appliances You Can Use to Align Your Teeth?

There are four primary types of orthodontic appliances your dentist will most likely recommend to correct your misaligned teeth. They include:

  • Removable Braces

The braces have delicate wires and strings that move your teeth with gentle pressure. The plastic plates cover the roof of your mouth, clipping on some of your teeth. Unfortunately, your dentist can only use them to achieve limited alignment as part of your treatment. Removable braces might also be the best solution if you want to discourage your child from sucking his fingers. Though they are removable, your dentist will advise you not to remove them unless you are cleaning them or as a precaution during a particular activity.

  • Fixed Braces

Unlike the removable braces, the permanent braces have brackets and bands which temporarily stick to your teeth. The appliances also have flexible wires that join the brackets, forcing your teeth to shift to the desired alignment. The best part about these dental appliances is that you will be able to munch your favorite foods a few days after fixation. However, the medical professional might advise you not to use specific drinks and foods including hard sweets, to prevent damaging your teeth and the appliance. If you play contact sports like rugby, your dentist will suggest using a gum shield to help protect your mouth.

  • Functional Braces

These are plastic removable dental appliances designed to fit your upper and lower teeth to enhance your jaws’ growth. Functional braces work by using your jaw muscles to fix a particular dental concern. You may need to wear the appliance correctly all the time, except when you are eating or cleaning the braces for efficiency.

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  • Headgears

Though your dentist will not recommend a headgear as orthodontic treatment, the medical professional can suggest the device alongside another appliance. Your dentist will most likely recommend a headgear when he wants to correct the position of your back teeth or retain their position as your dentist works on your front teeth. The best thing with the appliance is that you will only need to wear it during the night, mainly when you do not need to eat or drink.

Your dentist may recommend a surgical procedure plus permanent braces to move your jaw in severe cases. Besides the braces, your dentist may also suggest additional treatments to help solve your dental worry. For instance, the medical professional might recommend retainers at the end of your orthodontic treatment to help your teeth and jaws retain their positions after straightening.

Knowing the orthodontic treatment that will best solve your dental concern can be challenging. However, a professional’s intervention can help you make the right choice. Contact your dentist for inquiries on dental appliances and how to use them to enhance your oral health.