Gender Reveal Specialists In Virginia

Margie Corney, MD, FACOG, guides a devoted and caring team of professionals that understands the significance of sonography during pregnancy. For ultrasound and gender reveal in Chesapeake, Women First GYN Prenatal Memories is your refuge. You may call the practice at 757-578-9153 or book an appointment online for same-day appointments.

Information About Gender Reveal At Women First Gyn

At Women First GYN, Prenatal Memories go beyond ordinary ultrasounds to deliver an unforgettable experience and lasting memories for you and loved ones. The Prenatal Memories ultrasound suite provides a relaxing experience and hospitable atmosphere that has four seats and ample standing room.

Inside the room, you can view the ultrasound on a forty-inch high definition wall monitor. The procedure is thorough and provides a larger view that is unavailable in a standard gynecology ultrasound. Following the procedure, you can get take-home keepsakes. You are given a video clip of the baby, five black and white frameable prints, and a digital record of the entire study via SMS or mail.

Women First GYN uses a state of the art ultrasound machine, a Samsung H60 v2.0 that produces 3D, 2D, and 4D images that are detailed and natural-looking. Images delivered vary by the package you settle on and gestation. You can purchase a package of both ultrasound procedures at a generous discount.

When you need to determine the sex of your baby, you can settle on the Gender Reveal Package. The procedure is scheduled for between sixteen and twenty weeks of pregnancy, includes ten to fifteen minutes 2D ultrasound and some 3D as well.

The All About Me Package is scheduled between the twenty-fourth and thirty-sixth week, lasting for twenty to thirty minutes. The procedure is a close and personal visit with your baby in the final trimester. All About Me Package is inclusive of 2D, 3D, and 4D images.

From the testimonials, you will encounter many clients sharing prenatal memories of the exceptional experience at Women First GYN. Most clients revisit the practice to receive the patient-centered care provided by the board-certified team available on the ground.

Some ultrasounds require a full bladder, but there is no special preparation for an ultrasound at Women First GYN Prenatal Memories. During your visit, dress in loose, comfortable clothes and prepare for a fantastic bonding experience with your baby.

At Women First GYN Prenatal Memories, all ultrasounds are performed by professional registered diagnostic medical sonographers. The handpicked sonographers are experienced holders of credentials from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Other Services Offered At Women First Gyn Prenatal Memories

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  •       Endometriosis
  •       Liposuction
  •       SculpSure
  •       Skin tightening
  •       STD testing
  •       Urgent care
  •       Vaginal revitalizationGender Reveal

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Monday 8 am – 12 pm (New patients only- walk-ins – no appointment needed)

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Location Of Women First Gyn

817 Greenbrier Parkway, Suite B, Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Bottom Line

If you need more time than allocated, you should let Dr. Corney or her team know to get a time extension during normal hours. For a more customized experience, ask about Dr. Corney’s concierge medical practice.