June 7, 2024
Laser Tattoo Removal: Top Reasons Why You Should Get It

Laser Tattoo Removal: Top Reasons Why You Should Get It

Most people develop an attachment to their tattoos that stays with them for life. In some instances, however, a mantra, image, or quote, may lose the importance it once held. In fact, about 2 in every 10 people later regret their decision to get inked. If you fall into this category, tattoo removal in Yuma can offer you a safe way out.

The number of laser tattoo removal clinics in the United States has grown by 40 percent over the past 10 years. Whether your tattoo no longer carries personal relevance or has lost its statement or style, laser removal is the most convenient way to erase it.

Below we look at five advantages of the process.

Works Naturally With Your Body

Your lymphatic system is made up of a network of organs and tissues that help your body eliminate toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. When ink is exposed to rapid laser pulses, it breaks into tiny dust-like particles due to the change in pressure. These microscopic particles are then absorbed and eliminated naturally.

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Because laser tattoo removal engages your body’s natural defenses to remove ink from your body, it is a relatively safe procedure.

It Is A Multicolor Process

Past removal processes were only effective on grey tattoos of various shades. Most times, they didn’t clear blue, black, and green pigments from the skin completely. With recent advancements in laser technology, laser tattoo removal can eliminate all stubborn colors, including bright fluorescent ones.

Extensive or complicated hues may require subsequent treatments but will usually clear, leaving your skin smooth and clean.

It Is Less Painful

Older laser tattoo removal processes were relatively slow. The extended treatment period allowed the skin to become inflamed or irritated, which resulted in pain and soreness.

Since modern technologies use an increased amount of energy, reaching the intended target is easier and takes less time. A typical session will last around 10 minutes, depending on the work being done.

Laser tattoo removal is not painless. You may feel some discomfort during the process. However, it will only last for a short duration, and you could ask for your treatment provider to apply a local anesthetic to the area.

Short Treatments

As mentioned above, laser tattoo removal is an incredibly fast process. A laser tattoo removal specialist can clear part or all of your ink within several visits, each 10 minutes long, spaced by 6 to 8 weeks. Consequently, you don’t need to take days off work to get this procedure done. You can even pop in to your provider’s office during your lunch break.

During your initial consultation, your provider will inform you of the number of sessions you will need. Multicolor and large tattoos generally take longer to clear.

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Minimal Recovery Time

Laser tattoo removal treatments require a fairly reasonable recovery time. Since the laser light does not interfere with your healthy cells, there is a lower probability of scarring or injury. The site of treatment may be red and tender for a few days after the procedure, but this usually resolves on its own. All you need to do is protect the area of skin from UV rays for the days following your removal session.

Final Thoughts

The most important benefit of laser tattoo removal is that it works. Within a few weeks, your skin will be completely clear of any unwanted ink, and you can proceed as you wish. Therefore, if your tattoo has lost its allure, you’re not stuck with it.

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