February 25, 2024
How to Look After Your Teeth

How to Look After Your Teeth

It takes an entire lifetime to look after your teeth. It is essential to look after your teeth even if you are known to have the healthiest. There are steps you should take to ensure they are always in the right shape. Such include maintaining proper oral hygiene as well as visiting the dentist frequently. Teeth in your mouth occur in various forms, and each is equipped with its task. Teeth enable us to chew, and they help our mouths have the correct shape. Below, we look at habits that will keep your teeth healthy. Visit Carthay TMJ treatment for any issue concerning your teeth.

Ways to Look After your Teeth

Below we discuss tips that will enable you to have healthy teeth;

Brush the Teeth well

You should brush your teeth well as there is no difference between not brushing them, and using the wrong technique to touch them. Take time as you swerve the toothbrush in a smooth and round motion to eliminate plaque. Failure to eliminate plaque causes it to get hard, causing gingivitis.

Include your Tongue when Cleaning

Plaque can develop in not only your teeth but also the tongue. This causes a foul smell as well as other conditions associated with the mouth. Ensure you brush your tongue gently.

Brush using Toothpaste rich in Fluoride

There are vital components to look out for when buying a toothpaste besides its ability to whiten the teeth. Despite the one you settle for, ensure it has fluoride. There has been an outcry on fluoride’s effects on oral health, but it is crucial to ensuring your teeth are healthy. Fluoride is at the frontline in the fight against decay. It eliminates germs that cause pollution, and they also create a shield for the teeth.

Floss as Much as you Brush your Teeth

Sometimes it becomes hard to remember to floss after a toothbrush. Not only does it eliminate the remaining food particles, but it also lowers plaque. It is advisable to floss at least twice a day.

Have Mouthwash

We have seen ads that insist on the importance of mouthwash to your general oral health, even if most people ignore it because they lack knowledge of what it entails. It lowers acid levels in the mouth. Enquire with your dentist to know which mouthwash to settle for because some work best for children.

Take Enough Water

Research has stated that water is the most significant fluid for your body’s health. It is best to take water after eating to eliminate food particles and sticky acids in the mouth.

Visit your Dentist Often.

Your general health is much determined by your day to day activities. It does not matter if you have healthy teeth already; you should visit a dentist at least two times a year to enable them to detect any issue with your teeth.


There are advantages to having healthy teeth. Your general health gets elevated as well as your social life because you will interact often. Visit your dentist as the first step of ensuring you keep your teeth healthy.