February 28, 2024
Expert Medicine and Sports Medicine Specialist Offering Personalized, Integrative Care

Expert Medicine and Sports Medicine Specialist Offering Personalized, Integrative Care

Whenever the body is subjected to repetitive exertion and stress, it can result in injury and pain to the musculoskeletal system’s muscles, bones, and joints.  Zachary Perlman, DO, an established internal medicine and sports medicine specialist in Oakhurst, NJ, offers the most caring, compassionate care possible. Residents of Oakhurst and the neighboring areas can access top-level integrative care at Kai Sports Medicine LLC. To schedule a consultation, call the office to talk to a team member or book online.

About Kai Sports Medicine LLC

Kai Sports Medicine LLC focuses on bringing the safest and most effective healthcare services to Oakhurst, New Jersey. Led by Dr. Perlman, the team believes that patient-doctor interaction and patient education are critical to preserving longevity and life quality. Their objective is to make prevention as vital as treatment, and their approach is informed by Dr. Perlman’s vast background in sports and internal medicine.

Dr. Perlman integrates this vast experience in various fields, including pain management, orthopedic care, as well as non-invasive approaches. He utilizes an all-in-one approach to healthcare, ensuring that patients access the best possible treatments and enjoy an exceptional experience.

What Services Does Dr. Perlman Offer?

Patients can benefit from a wide range of services at Kai Sports Medicine LLC. And note, not a single treatment or procedure is administered without an extensive diagnosis and examination. Treatments not only address the symptoms but also seek to identify and treat the root cause of the problem.

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Irrespective of whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, you can rely on the trusted hands of Dr. Perlman. He is well-known in the community for his competence in sports-related concussions and the repair of knee injuries and shoulder injuries. Nonetheless, anyone suffering from hip discomfort, neck pain, nerve issues, or back pain is welcome to visit the office.

Kai Sports Medicine LLC employs cutting-edge non-surgical, minimally invasive therapeutic approaches such as regenerative medical therapies, prolotherapy joint, and cortisone injections.

Dr. Perlman’s integrative care practices are intended to give his patients wholesome health and wellness. In this patient-centered approach, his care plans often involve mind-body approaches, therapies, and medications.

Injuries to the joints, muscles, or bones that go untreated might lead to severe complications in the long run. Dr. Perlman develops unique treatment plans for each patient depending on their specific needs.

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Testimonials & Reviews

Kai Sports Medicine LLC values reviews from its trusted patients. So far, they are happy to have obtained a 5 out of 5-star rating based on six collected reviews. For more patients’ testimonials regarding Kai Sports Medicine LLC, visit the facility’s website.

Dr. Perlman and his team at Kai Sports Medicine LLC strive to offer their patients exceptional experiences, utilizing their internal and sports medicine expertise. From the moment you set foot at the practice, through treatment and after-care, you can access top-level services from some of the best providers in the area. Find out more about Kai Sports Medicine LLC by requesting an appointment through mobile or book online today.