February 6, 2024
4 Things To Consider To Help You Choose Between Chin Fillers And Chin Implants

4 Things To Consider To Help You Choose Between Chin Fillers And Chin Implants

Having a small or receding chin can result in a skewed side profile, which makes one dissatisfied with their appearance. This dissatisfaction may create low self-esteem. The good news is that having a weak chin does not have to be a life sentence. Today, technological advancements have created a way for people to achieve their desired facial proportions through cosmetic surgery. This procedure is known as chin augmentation, whose popularity has surged over the years with close to 16,000 procedures being performed annually. If you are planning on getting chin rejuvenation, you should visit a team specialized plastic surgeon such as Dr. Joseph Pastorek. He specializes in New York chin augmentation in his clinic in the Upper East Side.

The two most popular chin augmentation procedures are chin fillers and chin implants. Both of these procedures help to contour the chin by augmenting the soft-tissue, hence repairing any defects as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing side profile.

Chin fillers are a non-surgical procedure that involves injecting FDA approved dermal fillers, which makes it a safe and durable method. Chin implants, on the other hand, are a surgical procedure that consists of inputting a device made from silicon, Gore-tex, or Medpor.

The surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth or underneath the chin before inserting the pre-selected device. As with any surgery, there are several risks associated with chin implants, both during the procedure and afterward in recovery.

There are certain things you should know to help you choose which chin augmentation technique may be right for you.

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Number of Procedures

Chin filler injections involve injecting hyaluronic acid, Juvederm, among other fillers to elevate the skin, hence give it a ‘lift.’ This procedure can be done without anesthesia, and it’s best for people requiring only a tiny form of enhancement. In contrast, chin implants involve performing surgery, which involves the cutting or repositioning of the mandibular bone.

Chin implants are a one-time procedure that provides permanent results. Chin fillers, however, only last for a few months or years; therefore, you have to go for treatment to maintain the results continually.


Chin fillers are a straightforward procedure that is associated with minimal pain as well as risks. Once performed, the patient can go back to work almost immediately since there are no post-surgical requirements.

Chin implants are the complete opposite because first they are performed under anesthesia, and at times, IV sedation. Additionally, with this being a surgery, the procedure is not free of risks. There’s a possibility of complications, and patients must also follow particular post-surgery instructions.


As mentioned earlier, the results of chin fillers are temporary, and one may have to wait a few days before seeing any changes. One, therefore, has to find a good doctor who will use the safest but more durable filler.

Chin implants are permanent; however, if one is dissatisfied with the results, they have to undergo the whole procedure, which involves downtime and possible complications.

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On the surface, chin implants may look more expensive; however, you must remember that you will be paying a lump sum amount since it’s a one-time procedure. Chin fillers cost less but require several treatments which will end up being expensive in the long run.

The bottom line is that one has to choose the procedure that feels right to them, and chin fillers may be the better option for people trying chin augmentation for the first time and want to test the results. Either way, both procedures require an expert surgeon to perform them. This is why you should book an appointment with Dr. Joseph Pastorek if you are considering getting chin augmentation.