Fixing Joint And Back Pain Non-Invasively

Chronic pain mainly occurs in association with the presence of ligaments, articular surfaces, or cartilage. The problem can be linked to oxygen utilization and circulation in these connective tissues. For this reason, factors such as age influence chronic pain as it reduces oxygen utilization and circulation. Fortunately, Prolozone therapy is a non-invasive treatment procedure that can improve oxygen utilization and circulation and, therefore, can fix several chronic pain conditions.

Jake Schmutz, NMD, is a naturopathic physician and leads a team of specialists at Integrative Medica to offer Prolozone therapy in Salt Lake City. It involves Dr. Schmutz injecting ozone (a form of oxygen) in the injured area to improve circulation and oxygen utilization. As a result, it promotes tissue regeneration, rebuilding, healing your body, and relieving the pain.

Prolozone Therapy For Joint Pain

The main cause of pain in the joints is connective tissue damage. With age, wear and tear can exceed repair and make the joint susceptible to injuries. However, Prolozone is a remedy for such complications.

Ozone is directly injected into the hurting joint to stimulate local circulation and enhance cell repair and regeneration. This causes a healing response that can be widespread in no time. Pain relief can be experienced rather quickly as prolozone therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect. However, in some joints such as the knee joint, new connective tissues may take more time.

Unlike other joint pain treatment procedures such as knee replacement surgery, Prolozone therapy promotes healing of the ligaments and cartilages in the joint by providing the oxygen required to facilitate the healing process. It is also fast compared to other alternatives.

Prolozone Therapy For Back Pain

Prolozone has, in the past, proven effectiveness in treating chronic back pain. Unlike other injections made directly in the spinal cord’s lining, Prolozone is injected in the facet joints. This eliminates several risks associated with other injections as the facet joints are off to the side.

The procedure involves your provider injecting the ozone into the joint space, which can be done alongside local anesthetic and nutrients. After the injections, bandages can be applied, and the entire procedure can take up to 10 minutes. For best results, it is advisable to have the injection every two to eight weeks.

You can experience immediate pain relief after the procedure, but results are generally expected after four to six weeks. This is because the ligaments and cartilage can take some time to heal.

Benefits Of Prolozone Therapy For Both Joint And Back Pain

Several benefits can be enjoyed from the non-invasive procedure and can include the following:

  •   It is an in-office procedure, and this can help fight anxiety.
  •   There is no downtime, and you go home the same day.
  •   It is a procedure that triggers your body’s self-healing system, which can boost your immunity.
  •   It is a low-risk procedure when compared to other alternatives.
  •   The results are rapid, and some pain relief can be experienced as soon as the procedure is completed.

However, note that the Prolozone does not stop the natural wear and tear process that comes with age. Therefore, a booster treatment may be needed for relief maintenance.

Prolozone therapy is a natural therapeutic therapy that can assure you a better quality of life by fixing joint and back pain. Opt for this innovative healing procedure and improve your health. The specialists at Integrative Medica can help you through the process, and you can book an appointment through calling the office or use the online booking tool.