June 23, 2024
11 Visual Signs That You Are Not Healthy

11 Visual Signs That You Are Not Healthy

The skin is not a physiological barrier between the inner world of a person and the external environment. The skin condition can also become an effective indicator of pathological processes occurring in some organs and systems of the body.

If such signs are recognized in time, and correctly, it is possible to prevent the development of severe internal diseases. And without timely treatment, it can lead to the most serious consequences for a person. We present to you the top 11 changes in the skin that indicate the presence of diseases.

11 Skin Conditions That Represent Poor Health

1- Swelling And Blue Veins In The Legs

This symptom suggests that some of your venous vessels are undergoing structural changes. It means there will be a negative effect on the functional ability of the legs. It can lead to swelling by the end of the day, severe pain, and cramps. Also, this disease is fraught with the development of a life-threatening condition – venous thrombosis.

What are the causes of varicose veins? The essence of such a disorder is a malfunction of the valves that determine the direction of blood flow. If for some reason, their work is disrupted, then the venous blood begins to stagnate in the vessels. Due to this stagnation, the veins are deformed.

2- Yellowish Skin

An obvious yellowish tinge to the skin may sign carotenemia (increased blood carotene concentration). Most often, this condition develops as a result of functional insufficiency of the thyroid gland. Low levels of thyroid hormones lead to excessive levels of beta-carotene.

By itself, this substance is not toxic to humans. Even on the contrary, it has a lot of useful properties. However, an excess of carotene in the blood can have a very negative effect on health.

3- Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common problem for people facing addiction. As alcohol dries the skin and absorbs all the moisture. However, extreme dryness may indicate atopic dermatitis. In such a situation, a person feels strong inflammation and skin cracking.

Those who have an alcoholism problem should get treated. Alcohol rehab for treatment is a good option. If not treated timely, it can lead to further skin and health damage.

4- Brownish Spots On The Lower Leg

Most of us, from time to time, hit our feet on random objects on the road. Of course, in a healthy person, such accidents do not lead to the development of any disorders. But in a person with diabetes mellitus, such damage causes a problem of small vessels. It leads to the appearance of brown pigmentation, which in medicine is called diabetic dermopathy.

5- Purple Lesions And Individual Spots

A similar phenomenon can be a hemorrhagic rash that occurs due to small subcutaneous hemorrhages. This rash is usually caused by blood disorders or scurvy (lack of Vitamin C). In older people, the blood spots may appear due to the thinning of the subcutaneous tissue layer.

Besides, with age, the resistance of the skin to the negative effects of the sun sharply decreases. And the walls of blood vessels, in turn, become more fragile.

6- Skin Cracking In The Sun

Physiological intolerance to sunlight is extremely rare in clinical practice worldwide. More often, the skin becomes inflamed in the sun due to the intake of certain groups of medicinal substances, which include photosensitizing components. Such substances increase the degree of sensitivity of the skin to light.

As a result of which, after being in the open sun, areas of inflammation appear on the skin. Dermatologists say that this disorder also occurs in residents of the northern regions. During the winter, such people do not experience any problems. However, in the summer months, they notice the appearance of rashes on their bodies.

7- Skin Tingling, Rash On One Side Of The Face Or Body

This symptom is characteristic of a skin disease called shingles—the causative agent, in this case, maybe the chickenpox virus (chickenpox). In 80% of people who have had chickenpox, the virus enters the nerve pathways and continues to function there in a latent state.

Under the influence of one or more provoking factors, such as stress or an infectious process, taking certain medications (for example, prescribed for cancer). In weakened immune systems, the virus can reactivate, which leads to symptoms of shingles.

8- Constant Itching Without Rash

Itching can occur for a variety of reasons. However, if you observe no external signs of skin diseases in the presence of severe itching, then this phenomenon is due to the development of the severe oncological disease – lymphoma. Also, the symptoms of this disease are an increase in the cervical, axillary, and subclavian lymph nodes.

9- Long Dark Lines On The Palms

This symptom speaks of adrenal insufficiency. This disorder is called Addison’s disease. In addition, in this ailment, there is the appearance of hyperpigmentation in the area of ​​skin folds, scars, and nasolabial triangle. Also, in patients with Addison’s disease, there is a persistent decrease in blood pressure. And a decrease in the concentration of salt in the blood may also occur.

10- Pale Skin And Blue Nails

This symptom speaks of the development of anemia. For patients with anemia, pale color along with blue nails is common. This disease occurs as a result of iron deficiency, chronic blood loss (can occur with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, female reproductive system, etc.), starvation, blood cancer, and hereditary diseases.

11- Unbearable Itchy Rash

Focuses of multiple small blisters, which most often form in the forearms (closer to the elbow bend), on the knees, buttocks, lower back, face, and on the scalp, cause severe itching. It gives a person great discomfort. A similar symptom occurs with gluten intolerance. Experts say that about 25% of the people inhabiting our planet suffer from such a congenital disorder.


A person’s health is evident from the condition of his/her skin. Therefore, pay closer attention to your skin. If any serious sign occurs, you should see a doctor before it gets too late.