February 24, 2024
Why You Should Have An Annual Exam With Your Dermatologist

Why You Should Have An Annual Exam With Your Dermatologist

Fort Worth is a large city in Texas with excellent dermatologists. You should have an exam with a Fort Worth TX dermatologist at least once a year to determine the health of your skin.

As with other areas of your body, regular checkups are very important. The following are some reasons why you should plan an annual exam with a dermatologist:

1.Excess Sun Exposure

You should visit a dermatologist for an examination of your skin if you spend a lot of time in the sun. A little bit of sunshine is good for the skin but too much sun exposure can significantly damage your skin.

People who work a lot in the sun such as construction workers, farmers, or athletes tend not to apply sunscreen or wear protective gear. Therefore, they are at even more risk than others since they don’t take any preventive measures.

The main risk of too much skin exposure is skin cancer. The only way to treat such cancer is to diagnose it as early as possible which an annual dermatology exam will reveal.


A few moles on your skin are normal and to be expected. However, if you have over 50 moles on your skin which you can see, you should visit the dermatologist for an exam as soon as possible.

Many moles put you at a higher risk of getting skin cancer as the cells in the moles can easily turn cancerous. Some moles will be more developed than others but they all pose a great risk.

Some moles may cause other health factors and may simply look unpleasant.  With a dermatology exam, you can find out which options are available to remove such moles.

3.Artificial Tanning

Most people prefer to have darker skin than a paler shade which they accomplish by tanning their skin. While the sun is the best tanning solution, many people prefer to use artificial methods of tanning.

One tanning method that is particularly harmful to the skin is a tanning bed. Research shows that it contains carcinogenic elements that can cause skin cancer.

Spray-on tans are equally bad and have the same consequences to the skin and your health. Therefore, if you are a fan of artificial tanning methods, you should visit a dermatologist for an annual exam to see their impact on your skin.

4.Melanoma History

Many diseases are hereditary including skin conditions like melanoma. If your family has a history of melanoma, you should visit a dermatologist at least once a year to determine if the disease is affecting you.

Such diseases will usually lie dormant for a long time only to manifest themselves with strong symptoms when they appear. Visiting a dermatologist will help you find solutions to remedy the disease or at least reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Melanoma is the most common and dangerous form of skin cancer and you should take it very seriously if there is a history of the disease in your family. The more visits to the dermatologist, the better your chances of avoiding melanoma.