February 25, 2024
Feet Redemption at the American Foot and Ankle Specialist Limited

Feet Redemption at the American Foot and Ankle Specialist Limited

Are you suffering from diabetes? Are you afraid to get diabetic neuropathy? Tracking the progress of diabetic neuropathy in Naperville can be the right choice for patients suffering from the disorder. The facility has a staff full of experience in dealing with people with diabetes. Diabetic people tend to have a nerve damage complication, which leads to diabetic neuropathy, which is characterized by numbness, pain, cramps, sensitivity, burning feeling, bone pain, and potential ulcers. The disorder can be caused and be accelerated by smoking, being overweight and obese, and kidney disease. Apart from diabetes and neuropathy, American Foot & Ankle Specialists Limited offers the following services: treatment for bunions, ankle pain, foot pain, ankle sprain, neuroma, hammertoe, and ingrown toenails.


Hammertoe is a condition where the toe’s middle joint bends to cause the toe to curl downward, changing its shape. The curve in the toe affects the entire set of toes. This condition leads to pressure when you wear shoes and cause frustrations and problems to the affected. This disorder is caused by an imbalance in tendons, muscles, and ligaments responsible for holding the toe straight. Cause of hammertoe includes arthritis, tight shoes, bunions, diabetes, genetics, and high arch.


Bunions are bony bumps located on the joints at the big toe base. The condition happens when the big first toe leans towards the second smaller toe pushing its bone out of place, causing a bump that develops progressively. Bunions have the following symptoms: corns, redness in the area, swelling, ongoing pain, and burning sensation. Bunions can be treated using cushioning and shoe inserts, changing tight shoes to flexible ones, icing, and surgery.

Foot Pain

Any pain on a part like toes, heels, soles, and arches is referred to as foot pain. Foot pain should not be ignored as it can lead to long-term complications in the future. This complication is caused by either lifestyle or health conditions. Lifestyle is day-to-day activities like running, aerobics, wearing tight and high heels shoes, or an ill-fitting pair of shoes. The medical conditions causing foot pain are hammertoe, diabetes mellitus, bunions, corns, fallen arches, and broken bones. Foot pain can be prevented by wearing appropriate footwear, maintaining foot health, and general health.

Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is an injury to the talofibular ligament located on the outer side of the ankle.  The seriousness of this sprain ranges from mild to severe. Mild is just overstretching of the ligament, while severe is the tearing of the ligament. Symptoms of ankle strain involve weakness, stiffness, soreness, and bruising of the ankle. Treatment for a sprained ankle is taping with an elastic bandage, elevation at home, splint, and home exercises.

Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is a condition when toenails edges grow next to the nail, which is commonly seen on the big toe. People with thick or curved nails suffer the risk of an ingrown nail. An ingrown toenail is caused by a poor lifestyle, poor foot hygiene, and health conditions. Symptoms of these conditions are oozing pus, infections, swollen skin around the nail, and fluid buildup around the nail. Ingrown toenails can be treated at home by soaking the feet for 15 minutes in warm water.

Any patient suffering from the above conditions should seek help from a foot and ankle specialist. You can book an online appointment to meet the doctor. Staff at the clinic are working hard to give high-quality services to meet their client’s goals. Services at the American Foot and Ankle Specialists are offered at a pocket-friendly cost. The facility is located in Naperville, Illinois.