What You Need to Know About NormaTec Recovery Treatment

Ever thought of a relaxation therapy that lets technology take its course to relieve you from physical and emotional stress? Nothing accelerates tissue repair than a good massage. With technology advances, innovative treatments like the NormaTec boots can help relax muscles and repair your damaged tissues. Shift Wellness is your leading provider of NormaTec recovery in New York. This rhythmic and dynamic compression technology increases your blood circulation and stimulates your lymphatic system. Ideal for athletes and people who engage in rigorous physical activities, this technology promotes muscle recovery, leaving you relaxed and physically fit for your next performance.

What is NormaTec Recovery?

This innovative treatment uses a combination of gradients, pulses and compression to ease your legs from pain caused by rigorous physical activities. This modern technology that imitates your natural contractions leaves you relaxed after ridding your system of toxins. The massage offered by NormaTec recovery helps you lower stress, boosts your mental and health wellness, and improves your physical fitness. The treatment also supplies your exhausted muscles with oxygenated blood.

NormaTec recovery does not limit you on the number of times you should go for the therapy. The demand to go for the massage depends on either your stress and emotional needs or your pain and physical needs, though having a regular massage is recommended.

How Does the Technology Work?

The recovery boots hold and release their grasp on your legs’ specific points as soon as the pressure is no longer required, thus preventing the backflow of blood in your veins. With the treatment’s use of pulses and clasps, this innovative recovery supports your vascular health, preventing your blood from leaking backward. The treatment that starts from your feet up through your legs with systemic holds will give you a relaxation opportunity commendable for your overworked and injured muscles. However, wellness specialists discourage prolonged pressure as the exertion can interfere with your blood circulation, which is dangerous to your health.

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How Do You Feel During the Recovery Treatment?

This technology treatment that prompts the users to wear boots for approximately 20-30 minutes makes them feel like they are being massaged. With your legs firmly grasped, you will feel pulsing sensations that start from your feet and progress to the rest of your legs. As the movements proceed up your legs, a gentle compression replaces them. Your Shift Wellness instructor will also advise on the number of sessions and what to expect from the therapy. 

Who Needs a Normatec Recovery Treatment?

Though the treatment is ideal for athletes and people with physically demanding activities, you need not be a professional athlete to benefit from the therapy. This therapy also accelerates treatment after undergoing a surgical operation through a fitness coach who can recommend this therapy for your physical fitness.

What Are the Advantages Of Going For Normatec Treatment?

Besides accelerating oxygenated blood to your damaged muscles, the boots will help you increase:

  •         Range of motion
  •         Flexibility
  •         Stamina

Free yourself from muscle sores and pain today by seeking fitness sessions at Shift Wellness by booking an appointment online.