Get Rid of Your Snoring Problem

It is common for people to experience snoring at some point in their lives. Recent studies reveal that close to half the population of men and approximately a quarter of women in America go through snoring. To many, this is just an everyday occurrence that does not raise concerns. However, persistent snoring can indicate more profound issues that may need addressing to avoid further complications. If you live in and around California and feel your snoring is becoming a problem, it is the right time to consult a Newport Beach snoring specialist to look into your matter and help you deal with it.

Snoring is an ordinary condition that can inhibit you from enjoying quality sleep. It can become a nuisance to your partner and loved ones in the house if it gets significantly loud. Snoring happens when throat or nose tissues settle down and subsequently vibrate. It usually occurs when inhaling but can also happen when breathing out. Constant snoring can be caused by different factors such as strayed septum in the nose and soft tissue troubles in the throat or the mouth’s hindmost part. Furthermore, many circumstances might cause you to start snoring, which include:

  •         Drinking alcohol
  •         Being a man, as males are more susceptible to this condition.
  •         Positions in which you sleep, especially on your back
  •         Being overweight


This condition’s treatment begins with an essential examination and an analysis of your medical past to determine any underlying issues. Dr. Alexis Furze, the leading specialist in Newport Beach, will conduct scans to verify if there are structural hindrances in your nose that are causing your snoring. Additionally, Dr. Furze checks your throat to determine if any issues are responsible for your snoring.

First, after establishing the causes, treatment programs are devised concerning your specific problem. For instance, Dr. Furze may suggest that you begin altering your sleeping positions and adjusting your lifestyle to limit your alcohol intake or plan to lose excess weight. Structural problems are addressed through surgical operations like septoplasty and rhinoplasty that will amend your problems effectively. Dr. Furze is a top-notch surgeon and will offer you the best care to get you back to sleeping like a baby. Moreover, Dr. Furze has a wealth of experience in dealing with other issues and offers services such as:

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Botox helps you relieve lines in your forehead and over your eyes that result from aging. Dr. Furze offers these Botox injections that will alleviate this problem and help you attain the look of your dreams.


Rhinoplasty is a technique that involves nose surgery to advance the shape and performance of your nose. Dr. Furze has rich experience in performing rhinoplasties, and you can significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Runny Nose

Runny noses are ordinary and are mostly caused by common colds. If you experience a persistent runny nose, Dr. Furze can help you clear it up and get back to normal.

If you are currently going through a snoring problem or would like to receive other services, call or book an appointment online and get world-class care to help you get a good night’s sleep.