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What You Need to Know About NormaTec Recovery Treatment

Recovery Treatment

Ever thought of a relaxation therapy that lets technology take its course to relieve you from physical and emotional stress? Nothing accelerates tissue repair than a good massage. With technology advances, innovative treatments like the NormaTec boots can help relax muscles and repair your damaged tissues. Shift Wellness is your leading provider of NormaTec recovery in New York. This rhythmic and dynamic compression technology increases your blood circulation and stimulates your lymphatic system. Ideal for athletes and people who engage in rigorous physical activities, this technology promotes muscle recovery, leaving you relaxed and physically fit for your next performance.

What is NormaTec Recovery?

This innovative treatment uses a combination of gradients, pulses and compression to ease your legs from pain caused by rigorous physical activities. This modern technology that imitates your natural contractions leaves you relaxed after ridding your system of toxins. The massage offered by NormaTec recovery helps you lower stress, boosts your mental and health wellness, and improves your physical fitness. The treatment also supplies your exhausted muscles with oxygenated blood.

NormaTec recovery does not limit you on the number of times you should go for the therapy. The demand to go for the massage depends on either your stress and emotional needs or your pain and physical needs, though having a regular massage is recommended.

How Does the Technology Work?

The recovery boots hold and release their grasp on your legs’ specific points as soon as the pressure is no longer required, thus preventing the backflow of blood in your veins. With the treatment’s use of pulses and clasps, this innovative recovery supports your vascular health, preventing your blood from leaking backward. The treatment that starts from your feet up through your legs with systemic holds will give you a relaxation opportunity commendable for your overworked and injured muscles. However, wellness specialists discourage prolonged pressure as the exertion can interfere with your blood circulation, which is dangerous to your health.

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How Do You Feel During the Recovery Treatment?

This technology treatment that prompts the users to wear boots for approximately 20-30 minutes makes them feel like they are being massaged. With your legs firmly grasped, you will feel pulsing sensations that start from your feet and progress to the rest of your legs. As the movements proceed up your legs, a gentle compression replaces them. Your Shift Wellness instructor will also advise on the number of sessions and what to expect from the therapy. 

Who Needs a Normatec Recovery Treatment?

Though the treatment is ideal for athletes and people with physically demanding activities, you need not be a professional athlete to benefit from the therapy. This therapy also accelerates treatment after undergoing a surgical operation through a fitness coach who can recommend this therapy for your physical fitness.

What Are the Advantages Of Going For Normatec Treatment?

Besides accelerating oxygenated blood to your damaged muscles, the boots will help you increase:

  •         Range of motion
  •         Flexibility
  •         Stamina

Free yourself from muscle sores and pain today by seeking fitness sessions at Shift Wellness by booking an appointment online.

Find a More Innovative Cataract Treatment Option


A cataract is a condition of clouding in your lens, causing blurred vision. If your sight feels like looking through a fogged-up window, the best thing to do is seek medical attention from an expert. Fortunately, Dr. Leonard Achiron and Dr. David O’Day of Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center help people with cataracts in Atlanta through having the most innovative cataract treatment.

Cataract Diagnosis

Any treatment procedure is designed based on your specific needs that should first be evaluated and examined. If you notice any changes in your vision that are suspicious such as double vision, sudden eye pain, or flashes of light, do not hesitate to contact your provider. Most cataracts develop gradually over time, and therefore diagnosis should be accurate.

Your medical history and symptoms are reviewed to determine whether you have cataracts. Some of the signs that can be diagnosed include:

  •   Blurred, clouded, or dim vision
  •   Light and glare sensitivity
  •   Double vision in a single eye
  •   Seeing halos around lights
  •   Increasingly difficulty with vision at night
  •   Yellowing or fading of colors
  •   Increased nearsightedness

If you experience any of the symptoms before your annual eye exam, they should alert you to see a doctor.

An eye examination can also be done, including several tests such as visual acuity test, slit-lap examination, and a retinal exam.

Treatment Options

The most effective cataract treatment, when glasses don’t seem to clear your vision, is surgery. However, cataracts develop slowly, and there is no rush to remove them as they are harmless. On the other hand, the symptoms can worsen and begin to affect your daily life. It can also be severe for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss with your doctor about the right time to have cataract surgery.

The Most Advanced Treatment for Cataracts

Cataract Surgery Procedure

Should it be concluded that surgery is the most effective treatment option for your condition, Dr. O’Day and Dr. Achiron performs the procedure in the most advanced way. Numbing eye drops are used to assure your comfort during the process and to block any pain. Incisions are made using a laser, and the cataract lens is broken and removed and is replaced by an artificial lens (IOL).

At Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center, you have an option to replace your natural lens with a multifocal lens. Such includes AcrySof ReStor, Crystalens, and TECNIS multifocal IOL.

How You Can Prevent Cataract

Several strategies can help to reduce or regulate some of the symptoms associated with the development of cataracts.

  • Regular eye examinations can help detect cataracts or any other eye complications in the early stages, making it easier to prevent the condition from worsening.
  • Managing other health problems, such as diabetes, can reduce the worsening of cataracts and reduce their risks.
  • Consuming a healthy diet that includes plenty of vegetables and fruits may increase your body’s antioxidants that help maintain your eye’s health.
  • Wearing sunglasses may protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet B rays, which can contribute to cataracts development.
  • Reducing alcohol use and avoiding smoking can also reduce the risks of cataracts.

Finally, you can improve your vision without having to bear the burden of glasses or contact lenses. You can get cataract surgery and get the most advanced replacements for your cataract lens at Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center. You need to improve the quality of your life. Get more information by reaching out to Dr. O’Day and Dr. Achiron.

Are Laser Peels the Perfect Skin Resurfacing Treatment Option?


Age is catching up and you have to deal with everything that comes with it including wrinkled skin. As a middle-aged or an aging adult, you can encounter times where you have acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots, or sunburns. But that shouldn’t stop you from restoring your once youthful-looking skin. Thanks to skin treatment options such as chemical laser peel in Marion and other laser treatments, the damaged regions on your skin can be repaired. Read on to find out why chemical peels are becoming popular in the skin treatment industry.

What Are Chemical Peels?

As the name suggests, chemical peels are skin resurfacing procedures that involve chemicals to eliminate dead skin, allowing new skin to grow.  It is commonly used to reduce acne scars and hyperpigmentation, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and replace sunburn damages.

During the skin resurfacing procedure at Marion OB/GYN Inc., the dermatologist examines your skin to determine the right strength of the acid solution to treat the outer layer of your skin. Types of chemical peels include:

Superficial Chemical Peels

These chemical peels are light and rely on mild acids to exfoliate the skin.

Medium Chemical Peels

These peels are more intrusive, which is why they penetrate the middle layer of the skin

Deep Chemical Peels

These are the most potent chemical peels that rely on powerful acids to eliminate damaged skin through deep penetration.

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How to Prepare for Skin Resurfacing Procedures Through Chemical Peels

As is expected of most dermatological procedures, the specialist will need to find out if you are eligible for chemical peels. Inform your doctor if you have cold sores or fever blisters on the areas around your mouth to prevent chances of breakouts. If you are ready to go ahead with the chemical peels resurfacing procedure, your dermatologist will advise you against taking specific medications that can affect clotting for two weeks before the surgery. If you are a smoker, your doctor recommends avoiding it for two weeks before and after the procedure. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics, especially if you are susceptible to cold sores or fever blisters, to prevent bacterial infections.

Are Chemical Peels Effective?

The primary goal of chemical peels is to improve skin imperfections such as acne, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, people with darker skin complexions have more to benefit than their light-skinned counterparts. Chemical peels are designed to reduce hyperpigmentation, such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation since the skin contains a high amount of melanin. And since chemical peels contain antioxidants and rely on acid solutions to trigger collagen production, they are the best skin resurfacing options for treating pigmentation.

You do not have to live with skin imperfections. Your skin type and concerns play a significant role in determining whether chemical peels are effective for you. When you consult a board-certified dermatologist at Marion OB/GYN Inc., you have better chances of finding a resurfacing solution to your skin problem. To learn more about the types of chemical peels that are good for your skin, consult your dermatologist.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment In Trenton, Nj


Home to just over 9 million people, New Jersey, is also the most densely populated state in the country. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2015-2016 survey report revealed that substance abuse is an epidemic nationwide—particularly when it comes to opioids—and New Jersey has been impacted particularly hard.

Fortunately, comprehensive addiction treatment programs are available across the entire state. Lawmakers, healthcare professionals, and non-profit organizations are also working together on prevention and treatment programs that provide support to vulnerable populations.

Addiction Prevention In Trenton New Jersey

While the prevention and treatment of all substance abuse disorders are available in New Jersey, opioids are currently the primary focus of most policymakers and healthcare professionals. The distressing increase in overdose fatalities has brought the nationwide opioid crisis into the spotlight for New Jersey residents.

New Jersey is implementing three primary strategies to curb the overuse of prescription opioid drugs and illegal opioids:

  • To decrease overdose deaths, stockpile, and distribute naloxone (Narcan), a medication that can reverse the side effects of an opioid overdose.
  • Fund and market drug treatment programs that use proven medications to treat opioid use disorders (medication-assisted treatment)
  • Increased enforcement of drug trafficking laws and enhancement of related penalties

New Jersey lawmakers are working to toughen guidelines and regulations for opioid prescriptions. The state passed one of the strictest laws in the country when it limited opioid prescriptions to strictly five days. The same piece of legislation makes it easier to seek addiction treatment, requiring insurers to cover the first four weeks of inpatient substance abuse programs without preauthorization.

Trenton Drug And Alcohol Treatment Programs

Recovering from alcohol and substance use disorder is challenging, and most people require professional medical help to achieve long-term recovery. Experienced addiction treatment providers in Trenton, New Jersey, offer counseling, relapse-prevention techniques, life-skill development, and ongoing support to help clients craft fulfilling lives in sobriety.

Treatment plans are customized based on each patient’s unique circumstances and may include some or all of the following levels of care:

  1. Intervention Services
  2. Clinical Assessments
  3. Drug and Alcohol Detox

Inpatient Drug Rehab In Trenton, New Jersey

Once the detox process is complete, inpatient or residential addiction treatment can begin. Trenton, New Jersey inpatient drug rehab is the most effective because it focuses on the psychological, underlying emotional, and behavioral factors that led to the development of a substance use disorder. Residential addiction treatment programs provide a variety of benefits that aren’t available in other settings.

Benefits Of Inpatient Treatment Programs Include:

  • Lack of access to drugs and alcohol
  • 24-hour support from recovery specialists
  • Structure and routine
  • Consistent access to high-quality nutrition, sleep, and exercise
  • Protection from many environmental triggers

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

While outpatient Trenton drug rehab programs don’t offer all of the same benefits as a residential rehab facility, they can still be effective. Typically, daily therapies are comparable to inpatient programs. The primary difference is that patients return home after treatment each day.

Outpatient  Trenton Drug and alcohol treatment facilities may also be used as a follow-up to inpatient care, offering additional support and guidance through a newly recovered patient’s first weeks back in their home environment.

New Jersey Aftercare And Alumni Services

Aftercare and alumni services offer ongoing recovery support for those who have completed an inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation program. Aftercare helps to ensure that recovery is successful long-term.

Specialized Addiction Treatment Programs

Medication-Assisted Treatment

The use of medication in the treatment of addiction and other substance use disorders may extend beyond suppressing withdrawal symptoms during detox. Medication-assisted treatment combines medications to either prevent withdrawal symptoms or deter substance use with behavioral therapy. Studies show that in many cases, the use of medication in addition to treatment to tailored therapy can help sustain recovery long-term.

Treatment For Co-Occurring Disorders

Most patients experiencing addiction have additional mental health disorders requiring treatment, known as co-occurring disorders or a dual diagnosis.

Common mental health issues include:

  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Bipolar disorder

Any mental health condition may exacerbate addiction issues. Patients diagnosed with co-occurring disorders require specialized treatment plans that address all of their needs.

Gender-Specific Therapy Groups

Group therapy is a staple of substance use disorder treatment, and in many cases, the groups include both men and women. However, this type of setting isn’t right for every patient. Many treatment centers offer gender-specific therapy groups to ensure that participants are comfortable exploring their feelings during the sessions.

Cardiovascular Treatment You Should Familiarize With

Cardiovascular Treatment You Should Familiarize With

Prime Heart and Vascular is a recognized center in cardio treatments, vascular and vein care. Dr. Rishin Shah is an experienced Plano peripheral artery disease specialist and managing director of the facility. Dr. Shah has over a decade of experience in treating cardiovascular conditions. At the center, he leads a highly qualified team.

 The vascular specialist aims at looking for the most minimally invasive procedures for his patients. Using his vast experience, he understands heart conditions likely to occur during certain life stages. The doctor emphasizes the prevention of treatment care. Dr. Shah incorporates advanced technology and treatments, lowering the risks of heart conditions and any complications that might occur. Let’s find out more about his practice.

What Is PAD?

Peripheral artery disease is a blockage in the arteries, causing decreased blood flow. The condition can affect blood flow in any part of your body that has arteries, for instance, your legs, feet, etc. Some of the symptoms of this condition include discoloration in your skin, numbness, aching pain, and feelings of weakness and cold.

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What Are The Causes Of PAD?

Multiple factors can put one at risk of suffering Peripheral artery disease. Some of these factors include increased tobacco use, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and cardio diseases. PAD can lead to foot and leg sores. These sores, when exposed, may become infected, causing amputation and critical limb ischemia. Also, PAD is associated with heart attacks and angina.

What Are The Treatments For PAD?

The core values of handling patients at the center are empathy, enthusiasm, hospitality, proper attitude, respect, and teamwork. Before undertaking a patient through any treatment procedure, Dr. Shah schedules a consultation with the patient. During this appointment, Dr. Shah conducts a proper medical evaluation. This evaluation involves doing cross-checks on previous medical records, symptom diagnosis, and review family-health background history.

Dr. Shah provides multiple, customized treatments for his patients. These treatments include advice on proper lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating and exercising, medications, physical rehabilitation programs, and therapies. Dr. incorporates minimally invasive procedures in his practice when there is a need to open some arterial blockages such as atherectomy, stent, and balloon angioplasty.

These minimally invasive procedures don’t require a huge recovery period, and patients can go back home after the procedure. Stent involves using a metal scaffold to keep an artery open, whereas atherectomy consists in removing the blockage from the artery. In balloon angioplasty, Dr. Shah places a tube-like object in your vessel, which flattens blockage to the sides, thus increasing blood flow.

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Dr. Shah accepts and values feedback from his valued patients. To date, the facility boasts a 4.81 out of 5-start rating, on 32 collected reviews. Also, visit their website and check out testimonials from various patients.

How To Contact The Center

Patients can reach the facility through mobile, 972-295-7017, or book an online appointment. If you have any queries, comments, or concerns about the center, you can send a message via their website.

In conclusion, Prime Heart and Vascular offers customized care to all patients through their holistic treatment approach. Dr. Shah is qualified and experienced in cardiovascular treatment procedures. Schedule an appointment today, with the facility, to receive quality treatments.

Upper Limb Treatment: Get The Best In Your Area

Upper Limb Treatment: Get The Best In Your Area

Upper Extremity Specialists is an Orthopedic Surgeon Medical Center, which has locality in Chula Vista and La Jolla, California. Dr. Kristopher Downing, the Managing Director, and Daniel Brereton lead a team of highly qualified medical practitioners at the center. Let’s find out more about their practice.

The Practice

Dr. Kristopher is an orthopedic surgery and upper extremity surgeon, whereas Dr. Brereton is an orthopedic shoulder and elbow surgeon. The physicians at the center are members of the Synergy Orthopedic Specialist Medical Group. Specialized in treating multiple upper-extremity traumas, injuries, and diseases, the practitioners aim at providing individualized care to each patient. The facility accepts most insurance plans and is welcoming to new patients. Dr. Kristopher and his team incorporate the use of advanced medical techniques and technology to enhance the quality and fast recovery process in their patients.

The Services

The team of physicians conducts proper diagnosis before determining the orthopedic care treatment procedure to perform on the patient. This evaluation also involves cross-checks on previous medical records. Some of the services provided at the center include treatment for hand, shoulder, wrist, and elbow injuries.

Repetitive strain injury (RSI): Diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment

Reparative orthopedics, non-operative orthopedics, meticulous orthopedic services, lipogems, and regenerative services are some other treatments available at their facility. Providers at the center also provide sports medicine. These treatments enhance fast recovery to professional or student-athletes, enabling them to return to sporting activities minimizing the risk of any future injuries.

Patient Forms

The medical facility provides patient forms for patients. These forms include a generic consent form and preoperative surgeon preparation. You can download or check out these forms on their website.

Blog Articles

The facility emphasizes patient education through their blog articles. Through the articles on their website, patients and the general public can access information about the facility’s treatment procedure. Articles such as the one on ‘four remedies to elbow treatment before surgery’ teach patients some first-aid procedures to try after an injury. Check out more articles on their website’s page.


Dr. Kristopher and his team accept and value reviews from their valued clients. Most patients want a facility that has a good review from its patients. To date, the facility boasts a 5 out of 5-star rating on 22 collected reviews. Check out their website to read some testimonials made by various patients on the quality of services they received at the center.

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How To Contact The Center

Patients can reach the facility through mobile or schedule an appointment online. Conveniently, if you live near La Jolla and Chula Vista, you can visit the facility. If you have trouble with directions, visit their website. If you have any queries, concerns, or comments about the facility, you can send a message to your selected provider through their website.

To sum up, Synergy Orthopedic specialists offer top-notch services to their patients. The specialists at the center provide customized care to their patients. The incorporation of advanced medical techniques enhances the efficiency of their treatments. You will only receive surgical treatment after all non-surgical treatments fail. Schedule an appointment with the center today.