June 15, 2024
What You Need To Know About Annual Physical Exams

What You Need To Know About Annual Physical Exams

A physical exam is a vital part of monitoring your health. A good doctor will be thorough, spending time listening to your questions and concerns and giving counseling for any issues and risk factors. A physical exam allows for the detection of arising conditions and also gives you an opportunity to catch up with vaccinations. Consider having your annual physical exam in West New York, where you can also receive preventive care for cancer, diabetes, STDs, and eye exams.

Benefits of an Annual Physical Exam

Most people think that having a physical exam is unnecessary every year, but there are many reasons to encourage you to visit a doctor’s office, regardless of your age.

The first benefit of an annual physical exam is that it will help your doctor create a baseline of your vital status. When you visit your doctor each year, you will have a record of your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and others. This knowledge will help you notice if there is a sudden change or when something is wrong. If you don’t have annual physical exams, it might be hard to notice when the blood pressure has risen rapidly or if any of your vitals have rapidly changed.

Another benefit is that having a physical exam every year helps you live a healthy lifestyle. When you see a doctor more often, you will have time to learn about better habits. You can ask some questions during the exam. Your doctor helps you make better diet choices and can answer your questions about losing weight and exercise.

Visiting your doctors every year enables them to detect a disease or a problem early. This is especially important if you have a family history of the same disease. Mental health problems, cancer, and heart disease can run in families. If you don’t have a physical exam every year, it can be hard to identify signs of other problems.

What Does an Annual Physical Exam Check for?

Medical history. During this exam, you have a chance to mention any concerns or complaints about your health. Your health care provider will ask you about your lifestyle behaviors, such as sexual health, excessive alcohol use, exercise, smoking, and diet. The doctor also checks your vaccination status and records your family and personal medical history.

Vital signs. This includes recording a blood pressure reading and checking respiratory rate and heart rate. Blood pressure should be checked once every year to once in three years. It will vary depending on your history.

Visual exam. Your provider will check your appearance for signs of other possible conditions. They will check the body parts, which could indicate any underlying conditions visually. It includes examining the head, chest, eyes, abdomen, and nervous system functions.

After a physical exam test, your doctor can request another visit to discuss the results. Having a physical exam gives you a chance for an open discussion about habits, health, and your future. With the help of a doctor, you can deal with signs of possible problems with a plan. Annual physical exams help in preventing potential health issues. They also help you get ready for issues that you can be at risk for due to your family history, aging, or lifestyle. It would be best if you always communicated with your doctor at each exam to know more about your body and how to keep it healthy. Contact the office of The Doctor’s House to schedule your appointment today.