February 25, 2024
What You May Not Know About Platelet Rich Fibrin In California

What You May Not Know About Platelet Rich Fibrin In California

Perio & Implant Center of Monterey Bay and Silicon Valley offers unique and advanced treatment options through surgical and non-surgical procedures. The practice has offices located in Monterey and Sunnyvale, California. For Sunnyvale PRF, extractions, dental implants, and bone regeneration, contact the office for immediate assistance. This guide is vital for your first and subsequent visits to the Perio & Implant Center of Monterey Bay and the Silicon Valley.

About Practice

Perio & Implant Center of Monterey Bay and the Silicon Valley is a high-class periodontal practice serving patients in Sunnyvale and Monterey, California. At the practice, Dr. Jochen Pechak and Dr. Kanika Bembey lead a skilled team in providing premier care through a personalized and comprehensive treatment to improve the quality of your smiles and bites.

The dentists are well versed in different areas of dentistry, including tooth removal, dental implants, bone grafting, etc. Cutting-edge dental advancements like platelet-rich plasma (PRP), LANAP Laser surgery, and precise digital dentistry are used to help you achieve specific oral health goals. The team is certified in different sedation forms for sleep dentistry to put you at ease through the entire treatment process.

The offices are equipped with state of the art technology and dentistry techniques to offer patients minimally invasive treatment procedures for faster healing, minimal discomfort, and long-lasting results. The staff is fluent in Spanish, German, Greek, Tagalog, and Hindu to serve patients from different backgrounds diligently.

Services Offered At Perio & Implant Center Monterey Bay And Silicon Valley

The practice houses a team of specialist in:

  •   Dental implants
  •   Bone grafting
  •   LANAP laser dentistry
  •   Gum disease
  •   All on 4
  •   Platelet-Rich fibrin (PRF)
  •   Sleep dentistry
  •   Tooth removal
  •   Pinhole gum rejuvenation
  •   Wisdom teeth
  •   Falling implants
  •   3D guided implants

The practice has implemented various safety precautions to ensure that all patients are kept safe from various dental complications through these trying times.

Why Should I Visit The Practice?

Top reasons for visiting Perio & Implant Center Monterey Bay and Silicon Valley include:

  •   Customized treatment plans to ensure that you get long-lasting relief. Dr. Pechak has been featured in the news for upholding your safety and satisfaction.
  •   The team uses advanced technology and dentistry practices to deliver top quality services for all visiting patients.
  •   You are granted care in a comfortable and friendly environment. You can enjoy fresh herbal and infused teas, Italian Cappuccino, Kona Coffee, and iced lattes or espresso.
  •   There is a team of board-certified practitioners aiming to improve your smiles’ quality through minimally invasive procedures to deliver personalized results.
  •   The team is highly skilled in periodontal therapies. All staff members in Monterey and Sunnyvale are qualified to handle different dental services for your comfort.
  •   Comfort is upheld through advanced practices and equipment like natural lavender, heated neck wrap, fun eyewear, and focusing on sensitive areas.
  •   You can get same-day appointments to address problems before further complications.

Bottom Line

High-quality smiles and bites uphold your comfort and confidence when interacting with different people. Perio & Implant Center of Monterey Bay and Silicon Valley offers a lot of treatment options to enhance the quality of your bites and smiles going forth. You can book an appointment through the online booking tool or call from your office or home today.