February 25, 2024
What You Did Not Know About Sinusitis

What You Did Not Know About Sinusitis

Did you know that sinusitis is one of the conditions that causes immense throbbing facial pain among patients? The condition causes serious inflammation of the sinuses and the tissues located behind your nose, cheeks, and forehead. However, it is challenging for patients to identify the symptoms since they are often mistaken for other skin and tissue diseases. ENT of New Orleans provides all the solutions related to diagnosis, management, and treatment of sinusitis in Marrero. Following are symptoms and information about sinusitis that you need to know before contacting your doctor.

The Symptom of Sinusitis

· The patient may experience mild or extreme cases of nasal inflammation

· The patient’s sense of smell may be affected

· The patient may also experience severe pain in their eyes, cheeks, nose, or forehead

· You may experience a thick colored or discolored discharge from your nose

· The nose of a patient with sinusitis may experience blockage, thus creating difficulty in breathing

What strategies do doctors use to diagnose the disease?

· Physical examination of patients is one of the primary strategies used by doctors or treating specialists to ascertain if you are suffering from sinusitis.

· The doctor may also require a nasal endoscopy to have a clearer view of the patient’s tissues located in the nasal cavity’s interior part.

· An analysis of nasal sinus samples may also help the treating specialist identify and examine the condition’s intensity and the actions required.

· The diagnosis requires the treating specialist to use modern imaging technology to have a clear view of the areas that require treatment.

When should the patient consider seeing the doctor?

· Patients experiencing the mild symptom of sinusitis may not see the need to visit a doctor. However, as the symptoms progress, the patient may become exposed to other opportunistic infections and serious conditions.

· You should also prioritize seeking effective and immediate medical care if the infection does not respond well to treatment or other forms of home-based remedies.

· A sinus symptom that lasts for more than ten days is considered severe, and it is critical for you to seek immediate attention to prevent the progression.

· You should also see a doctor if you experience severe pain in your eyes or a headache that goes for more than twenty-four hours without seizing.

· The symptoms of sinusitis may sometimes occur during the early or the late phase of the infection, and you should be vigilant to seek medical attention early enough to make it easier for the doctors to handle the disease before it progresses.


The continued infection of sinusitis can severely affect your health, and it is critical for you to seek immediate medical attention when the first symptoms appear. Please consider contacting The ENT of New Orleans for a thorough diagnosis, treatment, and advice on how you can prevent the disease’s recurrence in the future.