Importance of Having a Family Dentist

Spending the whole day driving around town to get everyone in the family to their different dentists can be a nightmare. Most dentists specialize in handling patients within a particular age group. Therefore, if you have a family with at least three children of different age groups, visiting the dentists will be a challenging adventure for you. Dr. Marvin Taylor is a family dentist that has exceptional knowledge of handling any family dental issues.


With a single family dentist, you will not have to spend most of your time on the road driving to each person’s dentist’s location. Instead, you will all go to the same dentist’s office, and get to save all that time driving around for more important things. Additionally, with a family dentist it is easier to monitor your family dental history and make a reliable treatment plan tailored for the family. Also, in case of a dental emergency, you will not stress wandering around to locate a particular dentist.

It is also convenient to book the appointments for everyone in the family on the same day to minimize the frequent visits from the same family. This will be easier for you to observe all appointments without feeling overwhelmed.

Dental Education and Updates

It is only a family dentist that has the honor of instructing a family on the importance of daily oral care. Your dentist has the power to advise on appropriate toothpaste selection, diet, and other considerations. When you have different dentists for every family member, the information might differ, making it a bigger load on you to remember which dentist said what.

Additionally, your family dentist will give the family updates on the latest dentistry practices and technologies that can improve the overall oral care of the family.

Creates a Better Relationship

When you find all your dental treatment and information from a central dentist, building a strong relationship is quite easy. The dentist gets to learn each member individually, and you all get to relate with him/her better. Therefore, whenever you have any oral concerns, it will be easy to raise them with the dentist and get professional assistance. This way, you will all have something that makes the visits exceptional. With a single dentist for the family, it will also enhance a sense of comfort among members. Therefore, it will be easy for them to open and share with the dentist in case there is a concern that they have.

A family dentist gets to learn your family dental history for better oral care. Therefore, it will be easy for the dentist to administer preventive measures to ensure your family maintains a healthy oral lifestyle from an early age.

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