June 15, 2024
This Is Why You Are Probably Gaining Weight

This Is Why You Are Probably Gaining Weight

Unintentional weight gain poses a health risk and can be frustrating as well. That is why health experts recommend that we make it a point to lose weight if we are struggling with obesity. You have a variety of physical and social lifestyle changes you can adopt to facilitate your weight loss. Book an appointment with a specialist for Germantown arthritis. if you have been gaining extra pounds unintentionally. You can get supervised programs to help you get back on a healthy path. Here is why you might be gaining weight:

Highly Processed Foods

Did you know that you could gain pounds by eating microwaved foods, sugary cereals, fast foods, preservatives, and other processed foods? A recent study revealed that people who ate ultra-processed foods are at risk of weight gain 32% more than the rest. These foods have a high concentration of calories but lack essential nutrients. Therefore, if you are wondering what is increasing your weight, you should consider cutting down on processed foods.

Excess Sugars

Sugar intake in cakes, soda, ice cream, candy, and other sweetened drinks could be another factor you are gaining weight. This is not the only risk. Studies show that you are also at a high risk of chronic conditions if you take sugars constantly. You should gradually cut down on the intake of these foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Inactivity is known to be a significant cause of chronic diseases and weight gain. You are at risk if you are employed in a desk job, driving, and watching television. You can change this by exercising and avoiding sitting for too long. You should also keep off from watching TV for hours because screen time could cause weight gain.

Undiagnosed Medical Condition

If you are still gaining weight even after observing other lifestyle precautions, you should have your doctor check for existing medical conditions. These may include depression, polycystic ovary syndrome, binge eating disorder, or hypothyroidism. Most of them will make you gain weight by eating uncontrollably or will affect your metabolism.

Lack of Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential to maintain a healthy weight and the overall well-being of the whole body. Studies have revealed that adults who sleep for six hours or less a day gain excess weight compared to those who slept more than six hours. Therefore, it is proven that increasing the number of hours slept will facilitate weight loss.

Failure to Eat Sufficient Whole Foods

Experts recommend that we should eat minimally processed and whole foods to remain within a healthy body weight. People who eat vegetables and fruits will live healthier than those who eat a lot of trans fats, refined carbohydrates, and added sugars. You can start small and gradually add beans, eggs, nuts, fruits, and seeds into your diet.

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