The Best Way To Use Wood Grapple

Forestry work cannot be done without the appropriate equipment. We stand corrected, it’s not that it can’t be done, sure it can, but with appropriate machinery for forestry one can do so much more in a shorter period of time.

Easily put, with the right type of machines, you can expect efficiency and safety.

What is a Wood Grapple?

The machine that can be very helpful in forestry is called wood grapple or log grapple. They come in handy after cutting the trees and delimbing the branches. Wood grapple is an addition in forestry that is formed in the shape of a hook or a claw and it’s used to clear territories after cutting and clearing space in the forest.

Some wood grapples are also called grab cranes and there are lots of models that can be attached to a certain type of forestry vehicle.

Wood grapples come equipped with a safety valve which won’t open the grapple even during large pressure drops moments. Some are designed to grapple only one log and others can take on lots more. Logs, branches and other cylindrical materials.

Types of Wood Grapples

Hydraulically powered wood grapples are basically machines that come equipped with the crane already attached and can be used to grapple and transfer the wood or rocks. These machines are also used for clearing construction sites. They can have different arm dimensions which ensure safe transport of the materials.

Sorting grapples are used for sorting of the materials and transport. In addition they are great for handling poles, pipes and other similar objects.

Hydraulic log grapple for 4-50ton excavator | tradekorea

Lifting grapples are also known as grapples for bricks. Farmers use them to transport manure, hay and compost. In other types of industries they are used for recycling all kinds of waste.

Fixed excavator grapples are not as precise as the ones you can attach to another machine. Simply because they are fixed they cannot be used for detail clearance. Handling this machine requires extremely skilled driving for orientation. We wouldn’t recommend a fixed grapple for forestry work. The work that is being done inside the forest area requires a machine that can rotate 360C.

Pulpwood grapple is a type of wood grapple used for fine handling of the pulp. It comes with jaw curvatures designed to handle pulpwood with extreme precision. The force used while handling a pulpwood grapple allows for you to handle massive loads without any problem and are great helpers when it comes to sorting short piled woods and other refuse.

Where Can you Find the Best Wood Grapple?

When looking for a reliable machine, no matter the type of work you need to do, it’s best to look for reliable machine providers even if they cost a little more. An endurable and high quality machine gives you a warranty that it’s going to last. is an online tool shop with amazing offers when it comes to forestry machines. When it comes to wood grapples

(, no matter the type of work that needs to be done, surely you’ll find a machine that both fits your budget and grappling needs.