June 19, 2024
Sourcing for a Qualified Plastic Surgeon: Which Qualities Should You Look for?

Sourcing for a Qualified Plastic Surgeon: Which Qualities Should You Look for?

Choosing to undergo reconstructive surgery is not a decision that one makes in the blink of an eye. It is a decision that can impact your quality of life. When sourcing for a good plastic or esthetic surgeon, do not just go with anyone people recommend. Doing a little research on your would-be surgeon’s medical profile can prevent any instances of getting poor results. For expert service in Atlanta John David Mullins, MD PC is a smart choice. Following are some things you should look for in a plastic surgeon.

What to Look for When Choosing a Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeon

Go for a Board-Certified Surgeon

To be a board-certified surgeon, one must have the training and experience approved by state medical boards. The government wants to ensure that inexperienced doctors do not perform procedures that they purport to be offering. Do not confuse between a general surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. Their roles and training are totally different.

Match Their Skills with What you Want to Correct

Reconstructive and esthetic surgical procedures are quite delicate. If, for example, you want to get a mommy makeover at John David Mullins, MD PC, your doctor might not use the same procedures as in when you are going for breast augmentation. Your tummy and breasts are two separate organs. Ensure that your prospective surgeon has handled similar cases before. If possible, ask how they intend to conduct the procedure to know if they are qualified for it.

Referrals Might be Misleading

One of the best sources when looking for a cosmetic surgeon is through referrals. However, such sources can be quite misleading. You might have a different experience and not like it. To be on the safer side, it would be best if you asked for “before” and “after” pictorial representations of their clients so that you can make your decision. If possible, get in touch with them to determine how they are coping with the results and if they were satisfied.

Trust your Gut Instincts

If something seems off about your doctor, there probably is something brewing. Esthetic surgery is more than making you feel beautiful. It would help if you also had someone that makes you feel comfortable. If you do not find them friendly or helpful, try someone else.

Ambient Atmosphere to Promote the Esthetic Value

The best part about consulting or undergoing surgical procedures at John David Mullins, MD PC, is the ambiance. From the time you contact the customer care team to when you walk in to undergo surgery, you will not feel out of place because they rely on patient-centered care to produce satisfying results. What is more, the operating facility is accredited by the State of Georgia to conduct its business.

See a Plastic Surgeon for Reconstructive or Esthetic Surgery

It appears that you have decided to undergo this type of surgery, but choosing the right person is equally vital. Do not just vet your doctor based on their skills and experience alone. Find out if they are authorized to perform the type of procedure you want. To learn more about reconstructive and esthetic surgery, book your appointment with Dr. John David Mullins today.