Lasting Pain Relief With Sports Medicine Specialists In Texas

Actively participating in physical sports is a great way to exercise regularly and take part in competitive events, but it all comes at a price. Athletic activities are among the most prevalent causes of injury, ranging from small strains and sprains to extensive tears and fractures. Fortunately, Houston and Sugar Land sports medicine specialist, Dr. J. Michael Bennett, MD, PA, provides effective sports medicine for athletes across Texas. To find out more, call Dr. Bennett or go online to schedule a consultation.

What Are The Most Prevalent Sports Injuries?

When you are engaging in sporting activities, you are placing your body at a greater danger of injuries caused by overworking various joints, bumping into other players or some gaming equipment, and rapid movements that might result in torn tissue.

As a fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist, Dr. Bennett treats patients for a variety of sports injuries. But above all, the most prevalent forms of sports injuries include tennis elbow, ankle sprains, patellar dislocation, ACL tears in the knees, hamstring strains, and rotator cuff tears in one’s shoulder.

What To Expect With Sports Injuries Diagnosis?

Before recommending treatment, Dr. Bennett conducts a physical evaluation test in the affected area whenever you experience a sports injury. Through this evaluation test, he closely determines the motion-range limitation, associated symptoms, what is causing the pain, and how extreme it is.

If necessary, Dr. Bennett will perform imaging tests, such as MRI scans and X-rays, to establish more details concerning your injury. All the information gathered is used in developing a customized treatment plan for your injury.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Sports Injuries?

Aside from being a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Bennett is also an orthopaedic surgeon. However, he only recommends surgery in case there are no alternative treatments. Dr. Bennett puts particular emphasis on non-invasive procedures for treating sports injuries to help manage symptoms.

Some of these treatment options include taking non-prescription medications, physical therapy to help build stronger muscles and enhance flexibility, and placing ice on the injured area to reduce swelling. If necessary, Dr. Bennett may also recommend wearing a brace to improve support and stability, or avoiding activities, which may worsen pain and other associated symptoms.

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What Type Of Surgery Is Best For Sports Injuries?

Whenever possible, Dr. Bennett performs minimally invasive surgical treatments for various sports injuries. Some of these surgical options include shoulder arthroscopy, whereby you only need small incisions instead of large ones. It works to reduce the danger of nerve damage, bleeding, infections, and other open surgery complications.

For an extreme sports injury, Dr. Bennett may recommend using an open surgical procedure, which involves making one or several bigger incisions, for instance, a total knee replacement surgery. In case you undergo such a procedure, you should expect more downtime, meaning more time off the field.

To sum up, Dr. J. Michael Bennett, MD, offers the safest and most effective treatments for sports injuries. He serves all athletes across the entire Texas community. In case you experience a sports injury, call J. Michael Bennett, MD, PA, or go online to request an appointment.