June 15, 2024
Simple Android Racing Game

Simple Android Racing Game

Rally Fury can be introduced as extremely fantastic car game play, which makes the riders feel like they are racing real. All you have to do is sit behind a wheel of a rally car and race along the tracks using the super skills you have got. There are many kinds of twists and turns when you drive, and such twists and turns can be taken as obstacles and challenges while you race. These obstacles are made to measure the skill you’ve got in racing.

Rally Fury Android TV is a 3D graphical game app that makes the rider feels that he or she is driving on a real track with real riders. There are different environments and backgrounds, such as dirt roads, muddy tracks, asphalt streets, and many other various streets and circuits.

Although Rally Fury seems to be a complex one, it is simple game play where you have to play using simple gesture controls. You can tap on the buttons to move, slow down, speed up and charge when you drift. The arrow buttons help you turn the vehicle left and right, the pedals help you speed up the car, and the turbo button helps you charge when drifting.

If game play is not as smooth as you want, you can use Clean Master application to increase Android TV box performance. It is the best and easiest way to gain quick boost. This app available on Filelinked and Aptoide TV.

If it is boring to play alone, you can even play with your friends using multiplayer mode. It will be fun racing with your friends than racing with unknown robots.

Characteristics of this extreme racing game play, Rally Fury

Since this game plays a professional car racing game, the features, functions, and chances they give are unique when it comes to other common racing game plays. These features, functions, and challenges make the game dynamic, exciting, and fantastic. So, let us discuss the key features of the Rally Fury game application.

  • Online Multiplayer Mode is a way more interesting function that allows the users to play with their friends rather than playing with unknown AI Opponents. You can even play with your family members, siblings in order to make the game play more interesting.
  • You are free to experience the excitement while you drive, to experience the thrill of racing a high-speed car and break the limits. You are always welcome to speed up against the AI Opponents, break limits, win challenges, and drift around corners. 
  • The Nitro Boost function allows you to speed up your car to an extremely high-speed level, where you can use these functions when you are near the winning post. Thus, it helps you to come across all the opponents who have passed you.
  • You can customize your car color, change car type, apply decals, and drive with different specs according to your preferences. Besides, you can upgrade your rally car performances and speed to win the obstacles way more easily.
  • Yet you can customize the controls such as touch steering, manual and automatic acceleration, multiple camera views, and many other controls.


Rally Fury is an amazing car game application to play. Since it helps users experience a real racing track, I hope you could play and have this amazing game experience. You can install this game directly from play store. For devices that does not has play services, can use AC Market or Aptoide.