June 19, 2024
Rules And Regulations Of Boxing

Rules And Regulations Of Boxing

Boxing has been around for a long time, and through these years, there has been structure added to the sport. One of the things you notice when you start with boxing is, there are different rules for the sport. What might pass as the rule in one country might not pass in another. The same applies to the different states in the USA. Some states allow certain things while others do not. Knowing the rules in your area comes in handy for you, especially if you just started on the sport. Read more to know all about these rules.

Why There are Rules in Boxing

One of the things many people think boxing is all about is two people in a ring punching each other. While that is the basis of the entire sport, there is more to it than meets the eye. Companies like probellum have worked on ensuring that their payers know what the rules of boxing are. In the event of a match, there is a high chance that players that do not adhere to the rule of the game can get disqualified despite having won the match. Knowing what is expected of a player will help them make better decisions when it comes to playing. Most of these rules mostly apply to the players before they even start playing. The two main rules are weight classes and the type of glove used.

The Weight Classes

Since boxing is considered a fair game, there are rules on the way people compete against each other. Players can only compete with other boxers that are in the same weight category as them. The rule ensures that no one has the upper hand when it comes to weight. Your weight determines how strong your punches are and how well you can defend yourself in the ring. It also determines how fast you are when it comes to moving around the ring. For this reason, getting players of similar weight is the only way to ensure that you are at a fair advantage.


Another thing one needs to note when playing is the weight of their gloves. As a rule, one cannot play against another player if they have heavy gloves. The maximum weight of a pair of gloves is 10 ounces. Anything beyond that might not only harm the other player, but they might be too heavy for the person wearing them to use them. One thing to note, however, is players with more weight can use heavier gloves.

Match Rules

Once the rules of the payer’s weight and the weight of the gloves have been sorted, the next thing one needs to keep in mind is the rules when playing. With these rules, players get to know what is permissible and what is considered a violation. Here are the main areas tacked under these rules.

Illegal Punches

One of the assumptions most players make is all punches are allowed in boxing. The truth is far from it. If you are not keen, you might get in trouble if you do not follow the rules. Here are some of the punches you might throw that will have you dismissed from the ring:

  • Do not throw punches that are not straight as these are considered illegal.
  • Ensure you know which areas of the body you can punch and which ones you cannot.
  • Do not punch your opponent when they are knocked down
  • Do not punch your opponent right after a clinch
  • Do not throw a punch when you are holding to anything.

Doing any of these things will either get you disqualified or have your point deducted. You might know your opponent down, but this point will make them champions.

Knockdown Rules

two men playing boxing

Another rule during the matches is what happens when a player gets knocked down. There is a 10-second rule where the referee loudly counts out the seconds, and if the opponent does not get up before the time is up, you will have won in what is known as a knockout. The other rule is you cannot keep punching your opponent when they have fallen. If you get knocked out of the ring during the match, you have 20 seconds before you get back into the ring. If you do not do that, then your opponent will have won the match.

While the rules might seem like they are many, they ensure that the players stay on track. If you ever want to do boxing professionally, it would help to know how to play it well. You can read more on these rules and figure out what you need to know. You get to learn the rules and know if the game if your or not.