March 2, 2024
Risks Of Iv Vitamin Infusion Therapy In Las Vegas

Risks Of Iv Vitamin Infusion Therapy In Las Vegas

Are you looking forward to some additional vitamins? Some of you must be new to this concept of Vitamin therapy. In this, vitamins are delivered to your body for its rejuvenation and making it toxin-free. Vitamins can be given orally (through the mouth, in tablet) or IV (intravenous form, directly into the blood through needles). Just like its benefits, many risks are involved with Las Vegas, IV vitamin infusion. Let’s talk about the risks.


Now, there are various clinics apart from the hospitals providing such therapies, but are they hygienic? You should consider the quality and cleanliness of the clinic and hospitals before giving a thumbs up for the procedure because many of you will not want a new disease through an infected needle. Right?


Anything in excess is also harmful. High vitamins can also lead to multiple side effects like headaches, dizziness, stomach cramps, diarrhea. In comparison to the oral vitamins, IV vitamins are absorbed faster by the body and can prove toxic in some cases, and can even lead to hospitalization for days and, in rare cases, death.

Medical Conditions

Some of you might be suffering from kidney or heart conditions. This procedure is not for you. In such situations, the body cannot process such high concentrations of vitamins. It can lead to electrolyte imbalance leading to a heart attack or kidney failure.

Replacement To A Good Diet

Though it is a good and effective way to rejuvenate your body and make it free from toxins, this should not be used as a replacement for a good diet. Your body needs minerals, vitamins, protein, fats, fibers, and carbohydrates to survive, most efficiently provided by a well-balanced meal.


Many of you must be unaware of your allergies to certain things. In such a scenario, vitamin infusion can lead to severe consequences. Inform your doctor beforehand about your medical history or any allergy.

Side Effects

Like any other procedure, it also has its share of side effects like infection at the infusion site, rashes, redness at injection area, blood clots, bruising, and air emboli (blood gets collected in your arteries and veins and travels to different body parts).


IV vitamin infusion is an upcoming medical procedure; most of the actors undergo this treatment multiple times. It is an efficient way to make your body feel fresh and new. Please consult your physician before taking up such a procedure, and keep in mind its complications too.