February 28, 2024
Reveal Your Inner And Outer Beauty With Body Contouring

Reveal Your Inner And Outer Beauty With Body Contouring

Excess fat can be demoralizing and frustrating. Have you tried countless procedures to help you tone this excess fat but not getting the results you wanted? It is time you seek services from A Beautiful You Medical Spa with Memphis body contouring specialists. The providers at the center incorporate advanced medical technology, using non-invasive treatments to get rid of cellulite and fat. If you wish to learn more about their practice, call or go online to request an appointment.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring procedure is a non-invasive treatment that helps you achieve your desired body goals, hence does not require any downtime. It is a laser-based procedure that will permanently destroy the fat cell, even in the most troublesome areas. A patient who qualifies for this treatment must have a stable weight, and generally of good health. SculpSure and WarmSculpting will eliminate fat from the back, thighs, abdomen, and under the chin. Providers recommend that patients should exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet after the procedure.

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How Does Body Contouring Work?

The providers use SculpSure and WarmSculpting to remove excess fat. A Beautiful You Medical Spa is the best body contouring center in Tennessee and among the country’s top-ranked facilities. During this procedure, your provider will place the device on the area, and it will radiate laser energy through your skin to the fat cells beneath. These devices closely monitor your temperature condition to keep it stable so that you feel comfortable throughout the session.

The entire session goes for about 25 minutes. In the next few weeks after the treatment, your body will be processing the damaged fat cells. After about 6-12 weeks, you will notice a fat reduction in the treated area. According to most of their patients, this procedure is comfortable and does not require downtime. You can go through a session and resume your daily activities.

Is All Body Contouring Similar?

Besides WarmSculpting and SculpSure, there is another body contouring procedure known as CoolSculpting. Nevertheless, this facility focuses on the two treatments as they can treat excess fat on multiple areas faster and has lesser side effects. In case you have any queries about body contouring procedures and other treatments, you should reach out to the providers.

Will Body Contouring Remove Cellulite?

Body contouring will give you a better-trimmed and smoother body, but will not directly remove cellulite. To eliminate cellulite effectively, the center offers Venus Legacy procedure. It is a radiofrequency-based procedure.

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Testimonials & Reviews

A Beautiful You Medical Spa values and appreciates feedback from their valued patients. To date, they are thrilled to have collected three reviews with a 5/5-star rating. Reach out to their website to find out what other people are saying about the center.

In conclusion, the providers at this center aim at reaching the aesthetic goals of their patients through their procedures. They incorporate the most advanced technology and are well-experienced to ensure they offer safe treatments. To learn more about SculpSure, WarmSculpting, and other body contouring procedures, call or book online to schedule a free consultation.