Why Should You Not Feel Embarrassed About Your Foot Problems?

You Might find out several issues related to your feet!

These issues make you feel embarrassed in front of anyone!

So, if you have cracked heels, discolored toenails or another foot issue, then you don’t need to feel embarrassed about it because these problems can be treated.

Suppose you are facing a foot issue and feel embarrassed. Effective bed cooling pad is prescribed to get relaxed feeling even if you feel foot discomfort.

Further, we will let you know why you should not feel embarrassed. Go to the doctor and take away your foot problem!

Are Foot Problems Common Among People?

St John and Elizabeth Hospital Osteoporosis experts suggest that if you are facing any problem related to your foot, like troubling toes and soles. Then you don’t have to take tension because you are not alone!

Nowadays, 65% of seniors are facing several types of foot problems.

FACT: It was estimated that almost 26% of the world population has the issue of fungal nail infection. Suppose you have an issue with yellowish and thicker nails. Then this issue is directly linked with another foot issue like athlete’s foot!

Most people think that this issue can only affect the sport’s man. But it is wrong!

The itching and the frustrating issue can affect anyone. It is also common in people who have sweaty socks and trainers.

As per the research conducted by the NHS team, these issues spread from the skin to the nails of the toe and make an infection.

Why Shouldn’t You Feel Worried About Foot Issues?

If you are facing pain issues in your toes, then don’t take tension.

There are several people who are also facing this problem! We will discuss these problems along with the severity changes from 1 to 10 ratio.


Common Foot Problems


Elaboration of the Problem




Therapy Required

Verruca it is a transmissible and common issue of foot It is caused by a virus that can easily spread in other places and also transmit to others. Lumps removal therapy is useful
Toenails You can get infected from damaged, fungal infected and psoriatic nails. This mostly occurs due to unnecessary and unhygienic cloths Regrowth therapy is useful


If you think that your issue is uncommon, then you can consult the podiatrist!

He knows your problem and also tells you the best solution for it. So, you can get assured that your problem can be treated in the best way!

5 Common Problems of Foot Issues:


TIP: Don’t think that warts can only be on your nose and witches. These can also be done on your feet and toes. The virus that causes this issue is universal.

Commonly, warts appear beneath your feet, and most warts appear inward.

The best treatment to avoid warts is the use of salicylic acid. It can be effective for you if you use it carefully!

But most people can’t avoid this issue with only salicylic acid. So, they can consult the dermatologist and use liquid nitrogen or other medication.

Ingrown Toenails:

It is also the most common issue of feet that most people face. In this situation, the virus can damage the skin around your nails and cause ingrown toenails.

However, small pieces of nails start growing into your skin and cause infection.

The other reason that can cause this issue is if you wear narrow shoes continuously. Further, if you don’t cut your nails, then they have no place to go. So, it becomes the part of your skin near the toe and causes infection.

The best treatment for this issue is to use medical tape. Put the tape around your nails and pull it back.

FACT: As per the survey, the treatment can save you from going to the doctor, and also it decreases your pain. Suppose you feel more irritation in your toes than you should go to the doctor.

Foot Fungus (Athlete’s Foot)

When you think about foot fungus, then a bad impression comes to your mind. You are right because it is a very bad thing that you may suffer from!

It looks red, scaly, moist and very dry. But the best thing about this fungus is that you can easily treat it.

TIP: You just need to go to any medical store and buy an antifungal cream. But if you feel that this cream is not working, then consult the doctor. He will suggest you use prescription-strength products.


The bad thing about this fungus is that it is transmissible. So, you need to keep your feet protected and away from your family.

Dr Rod Hughes suggests using antifungal spray daily to avoid any future issue. If you don’t treat this infection, then it can enter your nail and cause a nail infection.

Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is another issue that almost everyone faces!

In this issue, your nails disintegrate and get yellow. So, it causes you to feel embarrassed and makes you self-conscious. Further, it also has bad impacts on your appearance and well-being.

FACT: It is true that the treatment of nail fungus is more complex than foot fungus. There are many treatments that are intense but not too effective.


Most people have bunions issues, and they say that their feet are not normal like others in summer.

TIP: You can wear sandals which are good for maintaining your health. However, it gives you bony bumps in the center of your feet.

It is a problem in which your joints are not aligned in the right way.

As per Dr Gavin Clunie, The small and large toe punches inwards and becomes the cause of a lump. It means your big toe can’t perform its job well because it gets infected!

What Are the Major Foot Issues?

The fungus that becomes the cause of the toenails issue grows in the dark and wet areas. If you have little cracks in the nails, then this fungus can enter into your toe.

FACT: As we know, with increasing age, your toe becomes more brittle. So, the chances of entering the fungus also increase.

There is also some other health situation that becomes the cause of dry nails. If you have a bad immune system and circulation system, then it causes the issue of bad nails.

Professor Gordana Prelevic states that When your nails start damaging and also your toe is moist. Then it becomes the best place for fungus to grow and infect you!

Final Verdict:

We have discussed that several factors can become the cause of foot issues, so if you get a foot infection, then you don’t need to be shy.

This problem is now common in almost everyone. The reason for infection of the foot is the spread of the fungus. This fungus can enter your toes and cause an infection.

TIP: Don’t try to keep your feet hidden; it can cause serious issues. So, don’t take tension and consult the best podiatrist for the treatment of your issue!