March 3, 2024
Quality Women Health And Wellness In Rhode Island

Quality Women Health And Wellness In Rhode Island

Every woman needs gynecology services at some point in her life to help ensure healthy living. Women have special and unique health needs. The provision of quality healthcare that meets their needs increases their confidence and enables them to excel in living healthy lives. From puberty to menopause, their health needs continually change and impact their lives differently. A. Michael Coppa, MD, is a woman-centered health practice that focuses on providing quality healthcare services to women in Cranston and Providence, Rhode Island.

Dr. A. Michael Coppa is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to women. With over 25 years of experience in OB/GYN care, he delivers overall women health and wellness services and high-risk pregnancy care. Dr. Coppa is highly skilled in child delivery, as he has delivered thousands of babies. He is also qualified to perform surgeries using minimally invasive robotic technology. He is highly knowledgeable and uses advanced diagnosis and medical treatment procedures to provide personalized care to his patients.

Dr. Coppa ensures he spends enough time with patients during the consultation to give them time to explain their concerns and to discuss suitable treatments for them. Together with his team, they are compassionate and caring towards their patients, striving to meet their health needs. They are warm and friendly, providing a comfortable environment for their patients. His high levels of studies and experience make him excel in offering the highest quality gynecology and obstetrician services and fertility services. He is known for his comprehensive customized care plans for conditions such as infertility, menopause, endometriosis, and abnormal uterine bleeding, among others.

Dr. Micheal Coppa and his staff offer services such as:

High-risk obstetrics

A high-risk pregnancy can be fatal to both the mother and the child; hence special care is needed to prevent more health issues. Dr. A. Michael Coppa provides personalized care throughout your pregnancy and even after delivery to ensure both the mother and child’s health. Visit them at their offices today to receive the highest quality care during your pregnancy.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a condition caused by many factors including stress, hormonal imbalance, depression, and smoking. It causes irritation and pain during sex. Dr. Coppa offers quality diagnostics and various treatments for your vaginal health. Call or book an appointment today to learn more.

Women Health


Infertility issues cause a lot of stress and a lack of peace among many couples. The experienced and board-certified gynecologist offers advanced diagnostic and treatment plans to help with your infertility issue and help you conceive. Visit them in Rhode Island for quality and effective infertility services.

At A. Michael Coppa, MD, OB/GYN practice focuses on providing excellent women health services to improve the quality of life. Dr. Coppa, a board-certified gynecologist, is committed to providing quality and effective care to meet his patients’ health needs. He strives to provide individualized care to his patients to provide the right treatment plans for them. With a lot of experience, Dr. Coppa and his team offer quality services for menopause, pregnancy care, infertility, and birth control, among other gynecological services. They are friendly and welcoming to their patients, providing them with exceptional customer service. Visit them today at Cranston and Providence, Rhode Island, for quality women healthcare.