Why You Should See A Doctor For Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The shoulder has a ball and socket joint that allows motion. In case of any severe injury or damage, this may make it necessary for a shoulder replacement procedure. Shoulder replacement surgery is a procedure that involves the removal of the damaged area of the shoulder and replacing it with an artificial one. An injury to the shoulder is painful and can limit your range of motion. If you have a severe injury, seek the immediate intervention of the specialist of shoulder replacement in West Orange. A replacement of the shoulder is recommended if you have severe damage in order to regain your movement and autonomy. The joint is a sophisticated area. It needs a specialist; the specialist may recommend a nonsurgical method for curing injuries on your shoulder, but if the problem is severe, they will recommend shoulder surgery.

What are the reasons for shoulder replacement?

Several situations can lead to shoulder replacement. These includes:


Shoulder replacement surgery is crucial because it helps restore the functions of shoulders damaged by arthritis. In shoulder arthritis, the joint surface is usually destroyed through wear and tear and makes the shoulder unable to carry out its normal activities. The primary purpose of shoulder replacement is to revitalize the shoulder’s function by replacing it with an artificial part.


Injuries can cause severe fractures on the shoulder. A fracture may make it  hard for the doctor to put it back in place. Also, the blood supply to the area may interfere; hence the doctor can recommend replacement. Also, people who ail from osteoporosis are vulnerable to severe shoulder damage; therefore, the doctor will recommend surgery.


When the blood supply to the bone tissue interferes, it leads to the bone’s death, resulting in a condition known as osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis. It causes small breaks within the bone until the bone collapses. You will feel the pain when you exert pressure on the affected area or when sleeping. The pain grows gradually and becomes severe with time. It is recommended that you seek the doctor’s intervention when you experience pain that does not seem to subside in the joints.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

When should I see a doctor for shoulder replacement?

Mostly, pains in the shoulder can be solved with home remedies of taking pain relief drugs and exercises. If you’ve been involved in physical activities such as lifting heavy weights, sports, or anything that strains the shoulders, you will eventually feel a stiff and painful shoulder. However, the following conditions should make you see the doctor for treatment:

  •         Difficulty in carrying things
  •         When you can’t move the arm or joint
  •         Pain whenever you rest your shoulder
  •         Overnight pain that interferes with your sleep
  •         Presence of swelling, severe pain, or inflammation on the shoulder.

Most patients have reported successful recoveries after surgery, and they experience less pain and better functioning of their arm. However, when you visit a specialist, make sure you follow their instructions because your recovery’s success depends on how you abide by the instructions given after the surgery.

Consult your doctor to learn about the available treatment options for a shoulder injury.