June 12, 2024
Is a Breast Lift Safe? Breast

Is a Breast Lift Safe?

Breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that is currently available in Fort Worth, TX and helps to reverse the loss of volume in the breast that makes them sag. This procedure lifts the breast, nipples, and the breast areolas. Sagging of breasts is a normal change that occurs as you age because the elasticity of the breast’s supporting structures and the fat content reduces with advancing age.

When you consult a plastic surgeon considering a breast lift, they will take a thorough medical history to rule out underlying medical conditions that can increase the procedure’s complications. The doctor will also do a physical examination of your breast to rule out some conditions like breast masses. If you qualify to get a breast lift in Fort Worth, the specialist will explain the procedure to you and ask what you expect. The procedure will then be scheduled for another visit.

Who Qualifies to Get a Breast Lift?

As in every cosmetic procedure, you need to have realistic expectations. Having achievable expectations will prevent you from being disappointed by the outcomes of the procedure. To qualify for the breast lift procedure, you should generally be healthy with no underlying medical conditions that can delay your recovery from the procedure or cause undesirable outcomes.

If you are considering a breast lift, it is advisable to quit smoking because smoking causes vasoconstriction of the blood vessels. Narrower blood vessels supply less blood to the site of the operation, which will prolong the duration of recovery. You qualify for the breast lift procedure if you maintain a stable weight before and after the procedure.

Some of the reasons people consider a breast lift procedure include having sagging breasts that may be flat or long. People with nipples and areolas that point downward can also benefit from a breast lift. The breast changes that occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding can make breasts lose their volume and shape, but a breast lift can correct this.

A breast lift can also correct the skin stretching on the breasts and breasts that are asymmetrical, with one breast being lower than the other one. Before getting a breast lift, it is essential to keep in mind that it may affect breastfeeding, and if you lose weight or become pregnant, the effects of the breast lift may be reversed.

Safety of a Breast lift

Breast lift is safe in the hands of a competent plastic surgeon. Some of the common side effects that you can expect after the procedure include mild bruising and pain at the incision site. If the procedure is not done under sanitary conditions, you can develop an infection on your breast.

Other rare side effects that can occur after a breast lift include scarring and having asymmetrical breasts. A breast lift can also affect your breasts’ sensation when there is interference with the nerves on the skin.

Breast lift procedure improves your breasts’ appearance when they are sagging or when you have stretching of the skin and reduction of the breast volume. To qualify for this procedure, you should have realistic expectations from the procedure’s outcomes, be generally healthy, and quit smoking before and after the procedure.