March 3, 2024
Important Office Furniture That Mostly Goes Unnoticed

Important Office Furniture That Mostly Goes Unnoticed

Do you have an office job? Does your job require lots of sitting? If the answer to either of my questions is ‘yes’ – then you must be aware of the importance of having a good, high quality office chair. Especially if you share your office chair with other colleagues. In that case, most chairs get really damaged with all the necessary adjustments, damaged beyond repair.

An office chair is something we don’t pay much attention to until we realize that it’s not working for us. But office chairs are not only working for you and your back, quite the contrary, really good office chairs help us with much appreciated circulation and also concentrate better on tasks at hand which can make our working day a lot better.

Generally speaking, most larger offices don’t pay attention to the state that the office chairs are in. Changing them would cost a lot and more often than not, workers in that area try to do their best to make their sitting area as comfortable as possible. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re working from home and are looking to equip your working area in a professional way then keep on reading. We are bringing the best tips and tricks when purchasing an office chair.

It is very important to know…

An uncomfortable office chair can damage your back badly and permanently. Over time, our bodies get used to a certain position, even if it is an uncomfortable one. Bodies are easily adjusted to the wrong position over time and sooner or later you get diagnosed with a back condition that has no permanent cure.

Going through something like that can empty your patience and pockets over time.
Frankly, nowadays, office chairs aren’t that expensive and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and forms.

One thing is for certain – if you find yourself trying office chairs, and you find one that makes you never wanna get out of it – that one was made for you and you should look no further. But since it isn’t always the way, guidelines for buying a perfect office chair for you are coming up next.

What to look for in office chairs?

The obvious tip would be to look for comfort. Unfortunately, just looking for chairs will not give a precise answer in regards to comfort. Comfort is something you feel with time. There are other factors that need to be incorporated when browsing for the right office chair.

The right chair should be adjusted to fit just one employee or one person.

The arms, legs, back and neck are the most affected parts of our bodies when sitting for a longer period. In case you’re seated in front of a desk that is a bit higher and your feet can’t touch the ground, then we would suggest a footrest for your feet. The footrest could help with circulation as well and vein problems in the long run.

The ideal position while sitting down would mean that your neck and back stay straight and you don’t feel any kind of discomfort while working like this.

Why Standardization is important to decide on a office furniture?

Your feet should be able to reach the floor and your thighs should be parallel with the floor just like your arms – parallel with the desk.
To be able to meet all the necessary prerequisites the best choice would be an adjustable office chair. Other than the height of the chair, try to find those who have adjusting tools for your legs and arms as well.

The distance between your knees and the edge of the desk shouldn’t be less than 4 cm. Otherwise you could experience painful numbness in your legs which means that your circulation is under an attack. is an online furniture shop that offers deliveries all over Croatia (deliveries above 4999.00 kn are free) and guarantee best prices on the market. For the extensive collection of high quality office chairs follow the link.

Office hangers and coat racks

Another piece of furniture that more often than not goes unnoticed are office hangers or coat racks. Believe it or not, even if it doesn’t seem like that, office hangers can help a lot – especially in an office with many workers per shift.

It’s not nice when you come into an office and see all the chairs dressed in other people’s coats, so effective and practical coat racks can bring the office to another level. It doesn’t really have to be an office. Even when you’re visiting someone and they throw your coat laid over other people’s coats on the bed or in another room.

Before you decide on a coat rack or hanger for your home or office try to answer a couple of questions first. Where would it fit best in your space? Does that room have enough space for a tall hanger (with coats on them)? What type of hanger can help bring the maximum of the room?

Most minimalist hangers are the stand alone metal ones. You probably don’t even need a picture to envision it – a plain metal hanger that can be placed anywhere, probably has two or more branches at the top. Compared to the other options, this hanger can also be called the simplest one.

There are artisan coat racks or hangers available too. These come in a variety of designs and colors and can add a little something to your least favourite room. It can be used as decor or simply a hanger for other things except coats.

In any case, hangers are practical and help keep you organised and the space around them neat. Choosing the right one shouldn’t be a hassle, plus they are not that expensive so you needn’t worry in case you don’t find the perfect match at once.

For all types of hangers and coat racks, be it for your home or office, simply follow the link