Steps To Buy From Yahoo Auctions Japan

The simplest solution for foreigners to buy from Yahoo auctions Japan is to make use of proxy buying service such as Japan Wanted. You will need to let us know regarding the goods you are will to place a bid for, and one of our proxy buyers will participate in the auction on your behalf. If the bid is the highest, the proxy buyers will get the product, and we will ship the product at your doorstep.

Now you can have the benefit of Yahoo Auction the same as if you lived in Japan.

  • Go to the website of Yahoo Auctions Japan

If you are not used to browsing Japanese websites, the design of Yahoo Auctions Japan can be a little bit perplexing for you. Also, the website is just available in Japanese language that does not smooth the progress of navigation if you can’t understand this language. Luckily, Japan Wanted is here to help you stumble on your bearings.

  • Search for Products

You can search for products to buy from Yahoo Japan in two dissimilar methods: the search bar or the products categories menu. If you already are familiar with what you are in need to buy, you can make use of the search bar under the yello and black “Yafuoku” logo. Even though the website is at times capable of understand what you are in need to buy in the Latin alphabet, however, it is recommended making use of terms in Japanese to get more results.

If you don’t have a clear idea of what you are willing to purchase on Yahoo Auctions, you can choose a product category using the left sidebar. When you supersede one of the categories, the website will show you its subcategories. It is recommended to have skills in Japanese to make use of this feature.

  • Copy & Paste The Links of Products On Japan Wanted

Finally, simply copy and paste the links of the products you are willing to buy on Japan Wanted. We will process everything for you without any hassles.

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