June 23, 2024
How To Take Care Of Your Dental Implants

How To Take Care Of Your Dental Implants

Losing your teeth can rob you of the ability to smile without feeling embarrassed. Having dental implants installed can restore your confidence and look like your natural teeth. Therefore, you need to clean and care for your implants to enhance their longevity. Lacking to care for your implants properly increases the risk of suffering from an infection. You can visit Rockwall dental implants which offer professional services for your dental care. Here’s a simple guide on how you can increase the lifespan of your implants.

Brush Properly

Hard bristles can damage your gums and cause bleeding. Always ensure you use a soft bristled-toothbrush when cleaning your teeth. Always ensure you brush at least twice per day. You are brushing your teeth the first thing in the morning to eliminate bacteria buildup during the night. On the other hand, brushing before you sleep reduces the risk of having tooth decay due to the presence of food particles between your teeth. It is also advisable to brush after every meal. Please ensure you brush under and around your dental implant crowns. Use a smaller headed brush to reach back areas of your mouth with an implant.

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Floss Frequently

While flossing is a good measure, it is advisable not to use dental floss as it can increase the chances of having peri-implantitis. Water floss is best suitable in such a case. Most brands have a stimulator made of rubber that can easily access hidden areas between your teeth and is friendly to sensitive gums and teeth. It is also advisable to use a crown and bridge floss, which can easily access areas under your dental implants. Additionally, try flossing with toothpaste residue in your mouth as the floss will distribute fluoride present in the toothpaste in areas around the dental implants.

Use Less Abrasive Toothpaste

Harsh chemicals such as baking soda can wear out the acrylic and porcelain finishing on your dental implants. Please ask your dentist for the best toothpaste brand recommendations to use.

Avoid Dangerous Activities

While dental implants give you the feel of your natural teeth in chewing food, it is good to be cautious. Avoid the use of items that can damage your dental crowns. Smoking tends to inflame and weaken gums. Additionally, you can spin your dental crowns. The best way is to eliminate smoking in your lifestyle before having dental implants.

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Check On Your Diet

A common misconception is that you have the leeway to eat whatever you please as dental implants do not decay. While the latter is true, sugar will affect the quality of your dental implants. Excessive sugar will give the bacteria present in your mouth a breeding ground, which can cause gum disease. High bacteria levels in your mouth also increase the chances of suffering from peri-implantitis surrounding your dental implant.

Inculcate a habit of seeing your dentist for regular appointments. Your dentist will be able to monitor and clean your dental implants. While doing so, he or she can identify any potential problem that may spiral out of control.