February 25, 2024
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Did You Know Tinnitus Treatment is Available?

Tinnitus is that annoying hum, buzz, or ringing that you hear all the time or sporadically in your ears that doesn’t have an outside cause. When you experience this, it’s a good idea to get your ears checked by an audiologist. You might have the sound in one or both ears, and it may be making it hard to hear what is going on around you. Contrary to popular belief, tinnitus treatment is available, and you don’t have to suffer through the issues tinnitus causes.

Tinnitus is actually pretty common. People are usually told what the situation is and that there aren’t really any treatments for it when they consult with their primary care doctors. However, audiologists and tinnitus experts can treat the symptoms and relieve your discomfort. If you experience tinnitus, you can look forward to mitigated symptoms to help you enjoy life without the problems that tinnitus causes. Our treatment options will help you to concentrate on your daily life and not on the sound you hear all the time in your ears.

Many people experience hearing loss when they have tinnitus, and they may also struggle with loudness hyperacusis, which is when sounds that are just moderately loud seem very, very loud to someone with tinnitus. Tinnitus can be a big problem if it interferes with your daily activities, so it’s wise to have an audiologist or physician examine you when you first notice it.

Many causes are behind tinnitus. One common cause is loud noises, such as machinery, loud music, or the blast of a gun. A head injury may also cause tinnitus, and so can high levels of stress or certain drugs. Natural aging can also be a factor in tinnitus’ onset.

We use sound therapy to help treat tinnitus. Wearing devices with or without hearing aids can cover the sound of the tinnitus. They can produce background noise that can make it easier to deal with the sound you hear in your ears. You can also use fans, music, and noise machines.

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We also offer counseling to help you handle tinnitus’ impact on your ability to concentrate, sleep peacefully, think, and your emotional state. We offer Tinnitus Activities Treatment to focus on the specific areas that each client is dealing with.

Ringing in your ears is not something that should impact how well you live. Call or visit us for more information about how tinnitus treatment could be life-changing for you.