March 2, 2024
5 Simple Tricks to Elevate Your Home Baking Business

5 Simple Tricks to Elevate Your Home Baking Business

Throughout Covid-19, the home baking business boomed. Stuck inside four walls, people picked up the taste for sweet treats and some even started making a living from it.

However, the ocean is now filled with home-baking business fish, and it’s hard to stand out amongst the crowd. So, how is it done? How do you make your brownies the best in town, and your macarons the most magnificent around?

Today, we have the answers for you, with 7 secrets to a truly great home baking business.

So, sit back with a sponge cake and a cup of tea and enjoy.

1. Beauty Lies In The Basics

So before we get into any of the other stuff, it is important to have the fundamentals of your business perfect.

Are you doing the following within your home baking business?

  • Are you equipped with all you need?
  • Are you following the correct health and safety procedures and sourcing quality hygiene products from places such as Galleon Supplies?
  • Do you have enough time to dedicate to your business?

As obvious as they may sound, without these important three things, your home baking business will eventually fail.

2. Reviews Are Your Best Friend

Statistically, a product with 5 stars is 270% more likely to sell than a product with no reviews at all.

Think about it this way, when you have bought something or used a service in the past, how much has it influenced your purchase to read that another person has loved it and maybe posted pictures of it?

Reviews have a huge place in modern-day business, especially digital marketing. Not capitalising on this would be to miss a trick. My advice? Encourage every customer to leave reviews, maybe even offer a 10% discount on their next purchase if they do!

3. The Saviour That Is Social Media

Now, you’re probably sick to death of people saying that social media is ‘so powerful’. But, they are not wrong!

Social media is key for small businesses, absolutely key. Some of the best small businesses are the ones that I have found on TikTok or Instagram. A great example of this is a wax melt company that I found through a random TikTok video from a year ago. Now, I purchase from them every month and have watched their business grow through social media.

So, be sure to get your business on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and especially the giant that is TikTok.

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4. Find What Makes Your Home Baking Business Unique, and Run With It!

Maybe you do erotic cakes or brownies that can be pushed through postboxes. Either way, you need to find your niche and market it to your advantage.

It is simply how you can stand out above the rest, and make people see that you are the only option for their requirements.

Here are some ideas just for you:

  • Gluten-free bakes
  • Vegan bakes
  • Children cakes
  • Wedding cakes

There are hundreds upon thousands of ideas out there, you just need to decide which one you’re gonna run with.

When you figure out what you’re USP is, you will be able to tailor your social media and branding to that very thing, capitalizing on your niche.

5. Go Out and Make a Name For Yourself

Word of mouth will never die out. In marketing, it is still just as valuable as ever, and when owning a home baking business there is a simple way to get the word out.

Go to the centre of your town and hand out some free samples. People will be certain to come back once they’ve tasted the best cakes around.

Elevate Your Home Baking Business Today!

You can help to elevate your baking business with all of these simple tricks but remember, sometimes the basic things are the most important.