February 25, 2024
4 Best Dog Breeds For A Small Apartment

4 Best Dog Breeds For A Small Apartment

If you are living in a small apartment, you need to choose a dog breed that’s suitable to your living situation and lifestyle. Other than ensuring that it receives proper residential dog training methods, the type of breed you choose for your smaller home is also determined by the energy level, personality, temperament, and space requirements of the dog breed.

Keeping That In Mind, We Are Going To Take A Look Tt Some Recommended Dog Breeds To Choose If There’s Limited Space In Your Apartment Or Flat:

Havanese- Havanese is a compact breed of dog that can live in any tight quarters and is also known for its easy-going attitude and homebody temperament. Havanese don’t require intensive physical exercise and a full-grown Havanese adult is usually only around 30cm tall.

Löwchen- Löwchen means “little lion dog”, it is a breed from Germany, identified by its cute mane and front legs with silky hair. A Löwchen is an amazing companion dog for a small apartment or flat. They don’t need too much space, despite being quite lively. Overall, they have a gentle temperament and quiet nature, but can be playful. A brief daily walk around the apartment building is enough for a Löwchen.

Miniature Daschunds- Miniature Daschunds are loyal and they can live in small spaces. Also known as sausage dogs, this breed is suitable for less active owners. Vigorous physical activity isn’t recommended for Miniature Daschunds because it may cause a disc to prolapse. However, daily walks are appropriate to ensure stronger back muscles.

Japanese Chin- also known as Japanese spaniel, it’s a low-maintenance breed with a distinctive look. For people who are living in a small apartment or flat, a Japanese chin is a perfect lapdog, due to its cat-like nature. They don’t like playing or running around very much. As an indoor breed, a Japanese chin adult stands around 25cm high and weighs around 5 kilograms.

As with any dog breed, they will need residential dog training to ensure that they will fit in with your family and your home.

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