February 25, 2024
Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Winter Dog

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Winter

During the cold ravages of winter, keeping your dog entertained and active can be a challenge. As a modern pet owner, you have more options than ever to keep your dog happy in just about any situation. From going for a walk in a local park, to taking him to see a dog behaviourist, there is a wide range of activities you can do outside of the house. But, when the weather turns cold, you might have to stay in. Other than snuggling in front of the fireplace, there are many other things to do with your dog this winter:

Things To Do With Your Dog This Winter 

Indoor Fetch- although you might not have ample space, it is still possible to play indoor fetch. Sit down on the floor and toss a toy or ball across the room. Have your dog run, get the toy, and run back to you. You can also do it from on top of the stairs and throw a ball down the stairs. Be sure that your dog has a clear path to get the toy and run back to you.

Play Jumps- lay mop handles and broomsticks across the chairs or boxes to make an obstacle course. You may also use PVC pipes for this activity. Use a treat to guide your dog through the course. Change the layout regularly to give enough variety to your dog. If you have an elderly dog, make sure that it’s a safe and low-impact activity.

Use Treadmill- if you have a dog-safe treadmill, it’s useful for daily indoor walks. Start with an easy introduction, like a normal walking pace and increase the speed gradually. Associate this exercise with warm praises and tasty treats to keep your dog active each day.

If you are unsure about what activities you can do with your pet this winter, contact a local dog trainer and ask for some tips. A dog trainer can be a wealth of information when it comes to having fun with your dog.

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