June 23, 2024
Why You Need To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

Why You Need To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

One of the most common questions that patients ask apart from how can I find medical marijuana dispensaries near me, is why they should have a medical marijuana card despite its legality in their state. Although almost everyone who lives in a state with legalized marijuana can access it, there are still some important reasons you need to register for a medical card.

Some states only allow people with conditions such as Aids, autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer, chronic pain, cerebral palsy, glaucoma, hepatitis, seizures, ALS, and spinal cord injuries to register for such a card. This article highlights some reasons for getting a medical marijuana card.

1. It Saves Money

Having a medical card can save you from paying some taxes. Most states charge an additional 10% excise tax on top of the normal 6% sales tax for all adult and recreational marijuana purchases. However, with a medical card, you’ll not pay the additional 10%. Furthermore, you’ll be able to access marijuana products at a lower price.

Recreational cannabis products are charged about 30% higher than medical products. Therefore, with a card, you’ll end up saving up to 40% on every product you buy. However, to get this card, you need to visit a doctor who must ascertain that you have a medical condition.

Getting a card costs about $40 to $60, and the card you’ll get will be valid for two years. Ensure that your doctor gives you a certification that shows he’s verified your condition.

2. Medical Cannabis Products Are Cleaner And Safer

Unlike recreational marijuana products, medical products are subjected to the most safety and stringent testing requirements. That ensures that it’s safe for its users and informs consumers about the cannabinoid types and potency. Some people may also take these products only if they’re sure they don’t have harmful contaminants like microbial toxins, solvents, microbes, pesticides, and heavy metal.

Some states use a tracking system to label and cross-reference products with bar codes. That ensures that marijuana sale is regulated and safe consumer access is preserved.

Medical marijuana also has a higher microbial load threshold than recreational marijuana. That makes it cleaner than its recreational counterparts and safer for people who value their health.

3. It Gives You More Access

Most dispensaries in many states are medical because of the restriction to the number of recreational dispensaries that a state can have. Some states also don’t have laws regulating adult or recreational marijuana use. That means that if you have a medical marijuana card, you’ll have various dispensaries to select from.

In states like Nevada, you can even skip a queue if you have a medical patient to enable him or her to access products quickly. You can also use your card in different states that support out-of-state medical cards. However, such states may have a restriction for the number of visits.

Final words

Registering for a medical marijuana card has many benefits. It can save you from using a lot of money, help you access cleaner and safer products, increase your legitimacy and credibility, and give you more access to dispensaries.