February 5, 2024
Top 4 Reasons to Enhance Your Business Network Security Seattle Now

Top 4 Reasons to Enhance Your Business Network Security Seattle Now

It’s hard to imagine a business operation that doesn’t rely on some sort of internal network. From data storage to communications to managing client orders, your company would be lost without a viable and secure network. What you may not realize is that the approach to business network security Seattle that worked fine a few years back may not be so effective now. In order to protect the network, it’s imperative to constantly look for ways to increase the security. Here are a few reasons why not considering your network security to be a one-and-done sort of thing is essential.

Cryptojacking is Increasing

Cryptojacking is more popular today than ever before. While focused primarily on violating your network and using your resources to mine for online currency, there’s nothing to stop the hacker from making use of data that he or she comes across during the process. Making sure your VPN is secure and that the right protection software is in place will go a long way to prevent you from having to deal with this type of issue.

And Ransomware is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Ransomware is basically malware that blocks access to the data housed on the company servers along with anything residing on local device hard drives. While it seems to be less of an issue than in times past, don’t assume it’s gone away. There are new ransomware releases every day. All of them are designed to circumvent older versions of virus protection software. The smartest move you can make is to keep your protection software updated and train your employees to recognize when some sort of infection has invaded the network. employee monitoring program

More Devices Means More Potential Points of Entry

Hackers used to focus mainly on laptop and desktop computers as a way to infiltrate a network. While they still do, more emphasis is on infecting tablets and smartphones as a way to worm into a connected network. That’s because more business professionals manage tasks using their phones and tablets than ever before.

The best business network security Seattle today does not overlook threats associated with these hand-held devices. Whether employees are working in the office or remotely, make sure there are protections in place that stop threats immediately. That means ongoing updates and making sure access to suspicious sites is blocked.

Don’t Overlook the Potential for In-House Data Thefts

Not all threats to your network occur online. There’s still old-fashioned breaches that occur when a disgruntled employee sits down at a terminal or accesses your network with the intention to do harm. The plan may be to copy customer records, alter proprietary documents, or otherwise use the resources for an unauthorized purpose. Along with software that tracks activity within the network, you want something capable of shutting down activity that seems to be out of the ordinary.

When was the last time you updated your business network security protocols? Now is the time to have a professional take a loot. The changes you make today could save the company tomorrow.