February 25, 2024
These 6 Factors Can Affect Your Tattoo Removal

These 6 Factors Can Affect Your Tattoo Removal

If your feelings have changed since you got a tattoo, or you think it was an impulsive decision, you might want to change it or remove it. If you are looking for a laser tattoo removal procedure, Dr. Carol A. White can help you. Through state-of-the-art Q-switch laser, Dr. White and the team at Dr. White’s Vein Center and Morgantown SculpSure & Clear Ink can break apart and clear the ink in your regretted tattoo. However, several factors affect the success of the procedure and should be considered.

The Size of the Tattoo

It is obvious that the smaller the tattoo, the easier the removal process. Look at it like this: if you have a little heart on your arm, it can take a short time as 10 minutes per session to clear out the tattoo. On the other hand, a portrait tattoo on your chest might take up to an hour every session. Therefore, depending on the tattoo size you want to remove, it may require you and your provider more time. Keep that in mind as you seek treatment.

Your Immune System

This is a crucial factor that affects laser tattoo removal significantly. But most people don’t usually recognize the role the body plays in tattoo removal. Note that when the laser breaks down the ink particles, your body also comes in to break them down. Therefore, the rate of breaking down the ink particles will primarily depend on your immunity.

The Tattoo Placement

This one can’t go without being said. The position of your tattoo on your body is critical when using the laser skin removal procedure. This is because you have larger counts of blood cells and lymph nodes in some parts of your body, particularly your face, upper and lower back, and your neck. Therefore, these parts will react to the treatment quicker than your hands, feet, and legs, which have less vascular supply.

Your Skin Tone

Maybe you didn’t expect this, but yes! Your skin tone matters. This is because the tattoo gets deeper into your skin up to the dermis layer because of its ink. Therefore, to remove the ink effectively, the laser has to penetrate the dermis without affecting the epidermis layer. Note that your skin tone affects the rate of laser penetration to the dermis layer. A dark skin tone can make the laser take a longer time to penetrate, and therefore you may require more time overall for you to be tattoo-free.

The Age of the Tattoo

This is another factor that affects laser tattoo removal significantly. The old tattoos are already prone to color fading compared to the newest tattoos. Therefore, it will be easier to remove the old ones than to extract the most recent ones.

The Type and Color of the Ink

Some types of colors are easy to remove while others are generally difficult. For example, the black color is the most comfortable color to remove, while orange, red, and white are the most challenging ones. Also, blue and green are relatively easy to deal with. Remember that tattoos are not only unique in design, but also in ink.

These factors, among others, can affect laser tattoo removal, and you can expect your provider to consider them when determining how many sessions you will have. Also, the type of laser used has a significant impact on how long it will take. Therefore, it is crucial to have a consultation with your provider to evaluate all the options.