February 24, 2024
Teeth Cleaning in Springfield

Teeth Cleaning in Springfield

The teeth in the mouth are responsible for chewing and crushing the food that we eat. As a result, a lot of particles might get stuck in between the teeth. This, in turn, causes the teeth to become dirty and filled with food particles that begin to decompose and rot, causing plaque and tartar. But not to worry, Advantage Dental Care are dental experts that provide dental cleaning in Springfield.

Advantage Dental Care is located in Springfield and is a top-notch expert practice in what they do and how they do it. Proper care and treatment are guaranteed for your teeth in every way possible.

What Is Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleaning is a procedure that a dentist carries out or a dental hygienist whereby he/she removes all the plaque and tartar from your teeth, keeping your smile as clean as possible and your teeth healthy. It is a procedure that should be done regularly.

Tooth decay and other teeth-related illnesses are also examined during this cleaning to ensure that they are detected early enough and are dealt with.

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What Takes Place During the Dental Cleaning?

When you come to our clinic, your mouth will be examined by our very able specialists visually to check your smile. Each and every tooth is examined separately to check for signs of decay and other unwanted gum diseases that might be cropping up. If you have never had this examination or it has been a while, an x-ray might also be taken to ensure that you have no cavities developing inside your teeth without you knowing.

After the visual exam has been finished, you will have your teeth scraped and cleared of each and every plaque and tartar. The next step after this is using an electric toothbrush together with a special toothpaste to polish your teeth and give them a shine. After that, you are given a professional floss to ensure not even a tiny bit of food particles or any particle is left in between your teeth.

In the case of protection against cavities, our specialists might recommend a fluoride rinse to strengthen your enamel and reduce the cavities.

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Are Dental Cleanings Necessary?

From a medical point of view, these cleanings are very necessary as they help prevent a lot of dental issues that might be forming without you knowing. Gum diseases and tooth decay will also be picked up early since our specialists have vast experience and will leave nothing unchecked.

You might be a regular cleaner at home, but there are some spots that you might miss and that is where we come in as specialists. We will check every part and corner of your mouth and ensure that nothing goes unseen, and avoid future problems.

Make it a habit to attend dental cleanings every 6 months and let the experts take care of your smile! Call them today or book an appointment online to have your cheerful smile again