Why Do People Need Dental Implants?

Whether the loss is due to infection or physical trauma, most individuals with a gap may lower their self-esteem and confidence. Losing your teeth may also impact your ability to speak or eat normally.

In the past, the best way to handle this problem was through the removal of dentures and dental bridges. However, these days, dentistry has produced long-lasting and natural solutions when compared to removable restorations. One of the solutions is a dental implant. Basically, a dental implant is a common intervention for teeth loss. To help you understand why people need this solution, here are key points to look at:

1.Chipped or Missing Teeth

Usually, dental implants look natural and may offer security to every patient. With a dental implant, no one can note the difference.

Replacing your teeth with a dental implant is a durable option, allowing you to talk, eat, and live a normal life. Your oral surgeon may also explain how missing teeth can put you at risk for recurring infections and headaches.

2.Loose Partials or Dentures

Many individuals suffer from loose partials and loose dentures. It is a shame that patients experience this, particularly since there are many options, such as dental implants. According to experts, dental implants may fix dentures, which become loose throughout the day.

You don’t have to feel self-conscious anymore about whether the dentures can fall out or not when trying to speak and talk. Dental implants may feel and look like natural teeth.

3.Tooth Infection

If your teeth get infected, you can save them through extraction or with some procedures. If your dentist confirms that the infection is very bad and the teeth are beyond saving, you may turn to a dental implant.

The implant will act as the new tooth. It will be durable and strong. The best part is that you will not need any special care to practice with a dental implant. In fact, you will only take care of it the similar way you do with natural teeth.

4.Deteriorating Jawbone

When you remove an adult tooth and don’t replace it, your jawbone may deteriorate with time. The reason is that teeth usually provide stimulation to the jawbone, showing that it wants to maintain the right bone density.

If your jawbone deteriorates, you might need bone grafting with your full-arch implant method so as to regain the right form of the jawbone.

5.Malfunctioning Teeth

With time, your teeth might start changing. Issues like bite problems or teeth grinding might become evident. Though if you notice that something is wrong with your teeth, ensure to give your dentist a call.

Dental implants might be the best course of action. However, it is important to seek help if you have a painful tooth. Your expert will assess the problem and develop a good plan suitable for your needs.

In a Nutshell!

You might have heard that not every individual is a good candidate when it comes to dental implants. Most individuals are doomed to wearing loose-fitting and uncomfortable dentures or partials for the rest of their lives.

However, the great news is that the technology and science behind dental implants have developed completely in the last ten years. This means, now everyone is an ideal candidate for a dental implant.