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Beauty and Health at the Serenity Women’s Health and med Spa

Beauty and Health at the Serenity Women’s Health and med Spa

Are you looking for both aesthetic and full-scale health services? It would be best if you worried less as Serenity women’s health and med spa cater for all those problems with less cost. Welcome to Pearland med spa, where services like pregnancy care, birth control, fibroids, endometriosis, well-woman exams, and ovarian cysts are offered to women. Staff at the med spa are supportive and caring to the patient, and they tend to treat several generations in one family. They have a better knowledge about aesthetics and good-looking tips to help individuals gain confidence in their desired looks. Serenity women’s health and the med center offer the following services to their clients; pregnancy care, menopause, birth control, fibroids, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, infertility, and ultrasound facials, botox, and fillers, massage, and microdermabrasion.


Facials are a skin medication to improve looks, repair damaged tissues, and address a specific issue concerning skin health. Facials are due to sunburns, aging signs, large clogged pores, acne scars, and oily skin. Facials have the following effects on the skin; they can brighten the skin; it can moisturize, fight acne, stimulate collagen growth, and reduce oil production on the face area. Facials are a fantastic way to improve skin appearance, and it gives the face a glowing fresh look.

Botox and Fillers

Botox is an injection on targeted facial muscles that are responsible for the contraction of facial expression moments. Muscle movement of the facial part leads to the development of wrinkles; thus, botox ensures no contraction. Fillers use the technique to volumize and add density to the targeted areas. Filler treatment can reduce marionette lines, lift contours on the cheeks, volumize the hips and cheeks, and smoothen the smoker lines on women.


Menopause is the transition of women from their childbearing years to the years where they cannot bear a child. Menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. Symptoms of menopause include; bladder control problems, irritability, sleep disruption, depression and anxiety, mood swings and abrupt changes, vaginal dryness, and muscles ache. Supplements can help in hormonal balancing.


Staff at the clinic takes care of the pregnancy at all stages. They offer the following services to pregnant women; pregnancy test, ultrasound, prenatal care, nutrition counseling, and blood glucose testing. A prenatal exam should be scheduled when the client feels she is pregnant. During a prenatal exam, the doctor reviews all the personal details and medical history if there was a complication in previous pregnancies.


Fibroids are growths in the uterus, which generally develop during childbearing years. This scenario means women in the menopause stages are not at any risk of getting fibroids. Fibroids come in different sizes; some fibroids are tiny to a case where naked eyes cannot see them. In some instances, the fibroid is large to the extent it distorts the uterus. Symptoms of fibroids are frequent urination, backaches, pain in the legs, heavy bleeding during menstruation, and feeling of pressure or pain in the pelvic region of the body.

If you are suffering from the above disorders, serenity women’s health and med spa is the place to settle your problems with a staff devoted to providing high-quality service to its clients. You can book an online appointment to see the doctor. The clinic offers services at a pocket-friendly price. They are located in Pearland, Texas.

Women’s Health: When To See A Fertility Specialist

Women’s Health: When To See A Fertility Specialist

Planning to get pregnant can be stressful. You may be ready for a baby but you are having difficulties conceiving. Don’t worry, this is the right time to start exploring your options. According to Dr. Majid Fateh, most people think that infertility only affects women. Actually, it affects both women and men equally. In a relationship, there is a 50% chance that either a woman or a man has fertility issues.

Having Sex Without Conceiving

It takes up to 6 months to conceive for couples. You need to see a fertility doctor if you have engaged in unprotected sex for the last 12 months without conceiving and are still under 35 years.

As women get older their number of eggs and quality of eggs drop. This is why women over 35 years can try for months to get pregnant when not using contraception but have difficulties conceiving. Consequently, women over 40 have a high risk-pregnancy and need to see a fertility specialist. The risk of miscarriage is higher for women over 40 years old.

You Have Undergone Three Or More Miscarriages

A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy within 20 weeks of conception. In most cases, miscarriage occurs due to the sperm or egg having the wrong number of chromosomes which inhibits the normal development of a fertilized egg. It can also be due to early development issues resulting from the egg not implanting in the uterus properly or there are structural defects.

When to Get Help When Trying for a Baby

In case you have undergone only two miscarriages, you should work with a fertility doctor to monitor your health as you try to conceive. It allows the specialist to uncover if there is a larger condition leading to your miscarriage.

Your Partner Has Problems Maintaining An Erection Or Achieving It

Make an appointment with your fertility specialist. Your partner can go to a urologist who is the male fertility specialist. The experts are knowledgeable in the area of the male reproductive system and will guide your partner to get a lasting solution to their condition.

Experience Irregular Or No Menstrual Periods Or Have Heavy Bleeding

If you experience no menstruation, it may mean that you are not ovulating. In case of irregular periods, it may mean you have ovulation disorder or the brain is sending wrong hormone signals. Some women bleed between periods or after sex, which is a sign of having fibroids or uterine polyp. It can also be due to a cervical lesion condition. Heavy periods or excessive bleeding are also caused by an endocrine abnormality or uterine fibroids. It’s highly advisable that you see a doctor.

History Of Stis

Formerly referred to as STDs. The infections spread through sexual intercourse and can cause inflammation or an infection in both partners. Women can experience scarring of their Fallopian tube preventing the sperm and egg from meeting. For men, STIs cause recurring infections damaging sperm mobility, sperm count, and sperm function.

What To Do When You're Having Trouble Conceiving | Parents

Have Chronic Medical Problem

If you are having a chronic condition, talk to your fertility specialist. Do so if you have any of these diseases or conditions:

  • Hypertension
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid condition
  • Genetic disorders
  • Heart disease

You may not be willing to see a fertility specialist, but it’s necessary and highly advisable if you want to conceive. The doctor will help you navigate the problems as they provide answers to your questions regarding fertility.