June 14, 2024
Oral Complications that Require Emergency Dentistry

Oral Complications that Require Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry is a field of oral professionals that takes care of immediate dental complications. The main purpose of emergency dentistry is to help patients recover from pain as soon as they get oral injuries. According to research, every person can get mouth injuries, but they are most prevalent in children. For instance, if you or your child breaks a tooth, you are supposed to get immediate doctor’s attention. For emergency dentistry services, consult Midtown emergency dentistry specialists. They are the best in handling oral complications.

Mouth Complications that Require Emergency Dentistry

Several mouth injuries require immediate doctor’s treatment. When these problems are not handled immediately, they can lead to other major oral diseases. They include:

  •   Gum injuries. When you fall with your mouth, you can get severe injuries on the gums. The gums contain blood vessels, which, when damaged bleeding occurs. The main symptom of an injured gum is pain. When you are in severe pain, you can suffer from headaches. The emergency dentist gives you pain killers to relieve the pain and some first aid to reduce bleeding. According to research, gum wounds can act as an entrance of bacteria that leads to root canal and gum diseases such as gingivitis.
  •   Tooth or teeth cracks. When your teeth or a tooth crack, it becomes so sensitive to hot or cold food. You can also suffer from chewing problems. After your doctor has arrived, she will check how severe the cracks are. If the crack is not severe, sealing will be done. The purpose of sealing the cracks is to prevent food particles from entering the inner tooth. Once the food enters your teeth, it decomposes and results in periodontal diseases.
  •   Broken tooth/teeth. A severe accident can cause the breaking of teeth. When your teeth break, pain can be so severe. After the doctor immediately arrives, he or she will examine the broken teeth and how firm they are to the jaw. Medication can be used to relieve pain. After examination, your doctor may suggest veneers to correct the broken teeth. However, if the whole part of the enamel got broken, your doctor may suggest teeth removal and prepare you for dental implants.
  •   Jaw pain. When your teeth break or are knocked out, your jawbone feels the impact too. During the breaking of the tooth, the jawbone can develop fractures. However, your affected teeth can become loose and tend to move out from their position. Since pain is the most prevalent, pain killers will be effective. Through an x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, or CT scan, your doctor will check for available fractures. After examination and first aid, your doctor may recommend dental braces to firm your teeth into the jaw bone.

Emergency dentistry helps your doctor to perform immediate treatment and make a fast decision about your oral health. For instance, failure to seal the cracks, you can develop periodontitis or gingivitis. Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates center, is the best you can call for emergency dentistry.