Maintaining And Improving Smiles In Bronx, New York

Dr. Nishita Gandhi offers a wide range of dentistry services for New York residents at Nishita Gandhi, DDS. You can benefit from office visits or telehealth visits from the convenience of your home or office. Contact the practice via phone or online booking system to learn more about cosmetic and preventative surgical options at Nishita Gandhi, DDS.

About Dr. Gandhi

She is a board-certified dentist offering general and cosmetic dentistry services at two accessible Bronx locations. Dr. Gandhi’s team has been an integral part of the Bronx area for over half a decade. Dr. Gandhi is more than a tooth doctor, offering essential education about your oral health to help you achieve a fulfilling and healthy life.

Dr. Gandhi graduated with honors in oral and maxillofacial surgery and TMJ pain management in 2009 from New York University, NY, among her class’s top one percent. She was later initiated into the National Dental Honor Society Omicron Kappa Upsilon for two subsequent years. Dr. Gandhi attended the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens for her general practice residency.

Dr. Gandhi is a recognized family-oriented dentist that seeks to connect with each patient from a personal view. She is well trained in various complex dental treatments and procedures, making her qualified to treat patients of all ages.

Nishita Gandhi, DDS, is a full-service dental clinic emphasizing the significance of prevention and understanding your personal needs. Dr. Gandhi offers cosmetic services for dental concerns like scaling, teeth whitening, dental bridges and crowns, Invisalign®, root canal therapy, laser gum therapy, and root planing.

Services Offered at Nishita Gandhi, DDS

Dr. Gadhi’s team comprises of high specialties in;


Dr. Gandhi considers your smile when designing a customized digital treatment through digital impressions eliminating the need for messy molds. You are granted a new set after every fortnight to deliver desired results within the available time frame.

  Laser gum treatment

Dr. Gandhi uses laser gum treatment options like EPIC X Diode Laser for Laser bacterial reduction and Diode laser for laser-assisted periodontal therapy during root planing, scaling, or gum contouring. Laser treatments deliver gorgeous smiles without surgical remedies.


You may opt for a traditional bridge, cantilever bridge, or Maryland bridge to improve your smile, stabilize your teeth, and improve your bites. Dr. Gandhi helps you choose from ceramic bridges, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or natural-looking porcelain bridges.


Dr. Gandhi examines your mouth to determine your qualification for implants. You may need bone graft surgery if you don’t have enough bone in the jaw. She administers a local anesthetic to make the process less painful and offers relevant guidance for quick recovery.

  Root canal

Dr. Gandhi numbs your gums and infected tooth using a local sedative. She then drills a hole, removes the ill pulp, and cleans leftover debris. Dr. Gandhi fills the gap with gutta-percha and seals it to keep you safe from additional infections.


If you are battling self-esteem issues caused by the loss of teeth or the availability of a decayed set of teeth, you can visit Nishita Gandhi, DDS. Dr. Gandhi helps you regain quality smiles through partial, complete, or flexible dentures with the look and feel of natural teeth.

  Preventative dentistry

Dr. Gandhi believes that prevention is better than cure. She offers preventive services like oral cancer screening, dental sealants, smoking cessation, and night guards. Preventative surgery delivers lifelong protection for your teeth, smiles, bites, and self-esteem.


  Cosmetic dentistry

Nishita Gandhi, DDS, welcomes patients with tooth gaps, misshapen teeth, stained enamel, uneven gum tissue. She transforms smiles through procedures like teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and much more.

Wrapping Up

Nishita Gandhi, DDS, is welcoming new and subsequent patients. To maintain or improve your smile’s quality, call Nishita Gandhi, DDS, or use the online booking system.