June 22, 2024
High Power H7 Headlight Bulb 200W LED

High Power H7 Headlight Bulb 200W LED

If you’re still afraid of driving at night, that’s too bad. The SuncentAuto has a super bright bulb option to replace your crappy halogens and the 200W 40,000 lumen light output will give you 9x brighter than the original bulb. Read below to learn more.

Characteristics of the H7 bulb

900% Brighter Than Your Factory Bulbs

High output 200W 40,000LM per pair with 6500K cool white beam, 800% brighter than halogen.

Perfect Beam Pattern

Modified advanced CSP chips mimic the halogen emission pattern, providing a perfectly focused beam pattern.

100,000 hours of service

Double-sided heat-conducting copper tubes and copper substrates, aircraft aluminium 6063 and high-speed turbo cooling fans ensure a service life of 100,000 hours, which is the best choice for replacing headlight bulbs.

5-minute Installation

All-in-one compact bulb design, plug and play, no modifications required.

Excellent Bulb Quality

It is ready and bug-free, suitable for 99% of cars on the market. IP68 waterproof and 2-year warranty.

900% brilliant Headlight replacement

High-performance H7 LED Headlight Bulbs, 200W 40,000 lumen light output, much more than ordinary halogen bulbs and most LED bulbs on the market. 900% true bright brightness measurement greatly improves your visibility in the dark.

Give your front Lighting a Focused, Perfect Beam

The H7 LED car bulb uses an advanced automotive-grade chip that perfectly mimics the light emission pattern of a halogen bulb, providing a more focused beam with less astigmatism and glare. You will significantly increase driving safety.

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Excellent Cooling System Replacement of Headlight Bulbs

In addition to the copper substrate, both sides are equipped with thermally conductive copper tubes that can quickly dissipate the heat generated by the H7 bulb chip. 6063 aircraft aluminium material and high-speed turbo fan ensure a lamp life of up to 100,000 hours.

High-quality and Easy Installation of Car Bulbs

SuncentAuto H7 LED Bulb Replacement Kit provides you with a high-quality bulb lighting service, suitable for 99% of car models on the market, with no code errors, and no flickering lights. All-in-one bulb design, plug and play, quick installation in 5 minutes.

Hot Tips

Our LED only replaces halogen bulbs. Does not replace factory HID or LED.

If the LED bulb and fan do not work after installation, please try to turn the plug 180° and plug it in again. The filter system may not be 100% accurate, bulb size may vary depending on your vehicle’s trim and other conditions such as factory and aftermarket modifications. Please double-check your owner’s manual or original bulb size before placing your order. If you are worried about that where to buy these H7 LED light bulbs, so need to worry and contact us.